18 novembro 2004


Orangejack Blogging University: Here's the curriculum in case you're interested in starting.
Blogging 100: Prerequisites
Blogging 101: Blogger.com
Blogging 102: HTML Code
Blogging 201: Posting Photos
Blogging 202: Publishing
Blogging 301: Marketing
Blogging 302: Webstats
Blogging 401: Template Tweaks
Blogging 402: Etiquette
So have fun in class.

Web Media Buyouts Coming? Kinda: So with MarketWatch sold and Slate likely getting sold soon, could MSNBC, CNET, Salon.com and all the other dot-com survivors be next? Nah, unlikely. But there could be a spate of other media properties for sale.
Namely blogs. You heard me.

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