23 novembro 2004


Telling genuine art from fakes at a stroke: A new digital technique has been developed that can identify whether two works of art are by the same artist. It can help to reveal fakes, and even discern if an artist used talented students to help with the painting process.
While most forensic work requires a paint sample, the scientists behind the new technique do not even have to touch the masterpiece.
Computers confront the art experts: The technique, devised by computer scientist Hany Farid and colleagues at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire, identifies the artist by analysing an individual's characteristic brush or pen strokes. It is able to distinguish eight drawings by Bruegel, deemed authentic by art experts, from five acknowledged imitations.
Digital Analysis "Fingerprints" Artists: Hany Farid and his colleagues at Dartmouth College adapted a technique they had developed to detect tampering in digital images.

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