16 março 2010

Para onde foi o brandy?

Time capsule unearthed: A page out of history stepped out of time and into the sunlight Saturday in Somerton - minus a bottle of brandy.

A small crowd gathered around the site of a time capsule that was buried in 1985 on Main Street to watch as it was unearthed.

Inside were letters from Somerton residents, photographs, an old VHS tape and a 1981 Time magazine with a picture of President Ronald Reagan on the cover.

Pancho Soto, now Somerton's supervisor for the Streets and Solid Waste Department, was part of the crew that buried it.[...]

"I was surprised when we opened it. There was a bottle of brandy, and right now it's not there. What happened? I don't know. When we buried it, the bottle was there. I thought it was going got be there and I told my friends and co-workers it was going to be there."

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