12 março 2010

Queimar os barcos e os tripulantes...

Andreessen’s not-so-hot idea for publishers: The lesson is this: While there may have been no way to save Netscape after Microsoft changed the rules of the game – and there may be no way to fully defend newspapers from the countless digital competitors gnawing away at their audience and advertisers – you sure can’t transition a business to a new model by torching 90% of its existing revenue.

[act. via @PauloQuerido: It’s Hard To Watch The Newsosaurs Turn A Blind Eye To Their Own Extinction: So the real question is one of timing. How long will it take that $30 billion print business to go to $20 billion, $10 billion, or zero? No doubt, it will take years, probably decades. But how long do print media companies wait before they leave their old business behind?]

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