21 julho 2012

O futuro da imprensa é digital

The Future of Print is Digital - but no, I don't mean iPads or smartphones, I mean traditional printed pages made digital through AR

The 8 mass media in chronological order:

1st Mass Medium: Print from the 1500s
2nd Mass Mediun: Recordings from late 1800s
3rd Mass Medium: Cinema from about 1900
4th Mass Medium: Radio from the 1920s
5th Mass Medium: Television from the 1950s
6th Mass Medium: Internet form the 1990s
7th Mass Medium: Mobile from the 2000s
8th Mass Medium: Augmented Reality from the 2010s

...lets turn the traditional printed page into a fully digital, interactive mass media experience. Lets help the First Mass Medium with the some digital love by the Eighth Mass Medium - yes, Augmented Reality:

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