21 janeiro 2013

Media e pluralismo, com passagem pelo serviço público

Foi hoje publicado o relatório “A free and pluralistic media to sustain European democracy”, elaborado pelo High Level Group on Media Freedom and Pluralism, que contou com o português Luís Poiares Maduro.

Do relatório e sobre o serviço público: “There is an on-going debate in several European Union countries about the level of government support that public service broadcasters should be allowed to receive, as well as about the funding mechanisms (for instance direct grants versus obligatory subscription fees) to be used. One country (Portugal) has even started proceedings to privatise public service broadcasting, by “contracting out” the services it is meant to provide. This is interpreted by some as an innovative way out of situations where government budgets have become severely restricted, but by others as a contradiction in terms, for how can “public” remain public, if you decide to privatise it?” (negrito meu)

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