29 setembro 2004


Seven Reasons Why Businesses Should Blog Now:
1. They fan the flames of customer evangelism.
2. They function as an instant-feedback mechanism.
3. They compel you to "Napsterize" more of your knowledge more often.
4. They facilitate the spread of buzz.
5. They allow you to have more simultaneous conversations.
6. Most blog service providers offer good-looking templates to use if your existing Web site design is embarrassing or nonexistent.
7. They help position you as a knowledgeable expert in your industry.

Once you start blogging, here are five blogging don'ts:
1. Do not have someone else write your blog.
2. Blogs should not be managed by a PR department or ad agency.
3. Do not have a thin skin.
4. Do not let your blog go unattended for weeks at a time.
5. Do not make your blog a branding exercise in self-centeredness.

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