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por aqui vindo daqui


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Scroll Clock by TOKI WOKI


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Missão impo(mbo)ssível

Pigeon: Impossible is the tale of Walter, a rookie secret agent faced with a problem seldom covered in basic training: what to do when a curious pigeon gets trapped inside your multi-million dollar, government-issued nuclear briefcase.

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Boa Baptista

Resolução do Conselho de Ministros que nomeia o vogal do conselho de administração do ICP-Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações: Esta Resolução nomeia, sob proposta do Ministro das Obras Públicas, Transportes e Comunicações, o Dr. Filipe Alberto da Boa Baptista para o cargo de vogal do conselho de administração do ICP-Anacom, em virtude de se encontrar vago o lugar por final de mandato no passado mês de Setembro.

Governo coloca "braço direito" de Sócrates na Anacom

Filipe Batista: o homem secreto do Governo

Freeport: Secretário de Estado adjunto Filipe Baptista considera "falsas e difamatórias" insinuações envolvendo o seu nome

Filipe Baptista considera "falsas e difamatórias” afirmações incluídas em DVD da TVI

O novo nome no caso Freeport: Adjunto de Sócrates referido no DVD revelado pela TVI


O provedor

Sexto sentido por Patti Maes

Sixth Sense Technology inspired by Minority Report

Mini de Craig Costello (Krink)

Coisas fantásticas

1000 Awesome Things: #638 When the amount of toilet paper left on the roll is the exact amount you need


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Edição da tarde (tecnologias, medias, culturas, ecopol)

Vídeo Samsung

3 Reasons Twitter Is Not A Fad
They Have Industry Recognition
There Is No Replacement
The Mobile Web Is Here

Ten Laws Of Geekdom: Laws that should be formally on the books but sadly are only known in the collective Geek conscious.

The Rapid Evolution of Search: With the rapid-fire progression of iterations and innovation in search, perhaps we need to press pause, take a breath, and assess the current evolution and its potential impact on Internet behavior and culture.

Interface natural: mindblowing natural user interface concept demos from Microsoft Research & Microsoft showing off transparent glass display technology during college tour

True Tabloid Headlines -- Or Are They? Tabloid Headlines Can Be Literally True But Very Misleading

10 Tips to Go from Nobody to Front Page News

Cabeça de papel

Eko no Dubai

Eiffel In Dubai Sounds Crazy!

Livros de néon por Airan Kang

The Meaning of Life?

13 minutos imperdíveis (e é muito raro eu usar este termo...), por Michael Shermer:

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Linha directa

Edição da tarde (tecnologias, medias, culturas, ecopol)

Rationalizer: An Emotion Mirroring System for Online Traders

Intel introduces a digital book reader that reads aloud to the blind

The Digital Divide in Numbers: TVs, PCs, Internet users, Mobile around the world: So there you have it. The digital divide. In the Industrialized World we have TVs, PCs, FM radios, fixed landlines and mobile phones to consider and compare and use and more than half of the population has one of each of those. In the Developing World, the only technology that reaches half the population is mobile telecoms, and all others are tiny in comparison. For the Emerging World, mobile is not only the first screen, for over 1.8 billion people that is four Europes or six USAs in size, it is literally the only screen.

Telecoms Package quick FAQ by Christian Engström, Pirate MEP

Consent will be required for cookies in Europe

Discovery launches science news Web site: As print publications cut coverage, company sees an opportunity: Discovery News

Examining science on the fringes: vital, but generally wrong: Fringe ideas often get a poor reception from mainstream scientists, but can still appeal to the public and influence policy debates Some recent examples of papers that delve into the fringes of science provide a nice example of why not all fringe ideas are created equal.

From the space race to human race: Forty years on from humans reaching the Moon, it is time for another epochal moment in history, says John Manoochehri. In this week's Green Room, he calls for us to recapture the spirit that took us into space and use that energy to save the planet.

Firefox Turns 5, Will it See 10?

Does Microsoft Need Its Media Properties? media itself continues to be a money-suck for Microsoft

Murdoch: We’ll probably remove our sites from Google’s index
If The WSJ.com Says Goodbye To Google, It Will Also Say Goodbye To 25 Percent Of Its Traffic

Computation + Journalism: A study of Computation and Journalism and how they impact each other

CBS to turn humorous Twitter posts into a sitcom: 'The Shit My Dad Says' account has proved a big hit on Twitter attracting more than 712,000 thousand followers. Last month its creator signed a book deal with Harper Collins.

LinkedIn and Twitter link up & partner up
Do's and Don'ts for Users

The most popular brands on Twitter (Twitter, YouTube, Google)
The Top 100 Twitter News Sources (Mashable, YouTube, Twitpic)

Guy Kawasaki: How To Get Famous And Make Millions With Twitter

Blogs do Sapo vão integrar botão de partilha em redes sociais

Six Social Media Trends for 2010
1. Social media begins to look less social
2. Corporations look to scale
3. Social business becomes serious play
4. Your company will have a social media policy (and it might actually be enforced)
5. Mobile becomes a social media lifeline
6. Sharing no longer means e-mail

The Future of Gaming: 5 Social Predictions
1. There Will Be More Social Gaming Acquisitions
2. EA Will Find New Ways to Monetize Social Gaming
3. Virtual Goods Will Become Even Bigger Business
4. You Will See a Wave of Social Gaming on the Console
5. EA and Others Will Make Even Stronger Moves on Mobile

Social networking meets ambient intelligence: Sharing small snippets of information about your daily life is a key feature of the online social networking revolution. Soon status updates and other social information could be generated automatically.

Wish You Could Kill All The Bankers? There's An App For That.

Chomsky: Iraq Invasion ‘Major Crime’ Designed to Control Middle East Oil

Teach Workers About the Perils of Debt
Lead Us Not Into Debt

James Cameron's "Avatar" Could Burn Through $500 Million & Is Avatar’s Budget Half a Billion, or Half That?

'Brushes': Arte con los dedos en el iPhone

Herança nuclear soviética

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Já leram

"Entre o bem público e a reserva da vida privada"?
Não? Pois deviam porque o autor tem toda a razão. É sobre a divulgação de conversas privadas em público e da sua protecção consoante se é político ou jornalista.

Ele, ela e...

Neutralidade da rede = esquema comunista?

Is Net Neutrality a Communist Plot? ("Declassified DoD Film")

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I Am

04 novembro 2009

Excesso de informação? Tolstoi foi um moderado...

How Many Words Do You See in a Day? (daqui: Has the 'link economy' reached the point where news sites produce information overload rather than managing it?)

- news sites average around 450 links on their homes pages, whereas 10 years ago they averaged just 12 links per home page

- If you pick up a US or UK newspaper you'll see four to six stories on the front page and maybe eight to 10 refers to other stories, that's an average total of 12 headlines on one page. In contrast, the average news website has 335 story or section links on their homepage

- if you go online and visit 200 web pages in one day... you'll see on average 490,000 words; War & Peace was only 460,000 words.

Rain Painting

I have a new hobby - rain painting!

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