28 abril 2009

Home, o filme

Coming soon to YouTube: Besson's and Bertrand's environmental film project: Luc Besson's and Yann-Arthus Betrand's 90 minute full-length film "Home" will exclusively be available online on YouTube for English, French, Spanish and German–speaking countries beginning June 5 — just in time for the 37th World Environment Day.

A ver

23 abril 2009

Khuong Ngyuyen

basé à Paris, et ancien étudiant des Gobelins. Un travail avec beaucoup de style et de très belles idées.

A loucura das assinaturas (ou de como se pode cobrar pela qualidade)

Subscription price: $1.96;
Newsstand price: $6.99;
*Change in circulation: +8.3%

Subscription price: 47¢;
Newsstand price: $4.95;
*Change in circulation: –13%
*From 2007 to 2008

In Switch, Magazines Think About Raising Prices: In the last six months of 2008, subscribers paid an average of 47 cents an issue for Newsweek, 77 cents an issue for BusinessWeek and 89 cents an issue for Fortune, according to an analysis of their filings with the Audit Bureau of Circulations.

Even Condé Nast’s magazines, filled with luxury ads and dispatches from far-flung locations, are cheap: 87 cents an issue for The New Yorker, 89 cents for Allure and just over a dollar each for Condé Nast Traveler and Bon Appétit. [...]

Most major magazines have cut prices recently as part of an effort to increase subscriptions. A New York Times analysis of circulation data for the 50 largest and most expensive magazines showed that in the last four years, as overall prices rose 14 percent, subscription prices dropped an average of 9 percent.

(Lower subscription prices do not necessarily mean less revenue for the publisher, however. When publishers reduce their reliance on subscriptions sold through agents, the subscription prices can fall, but the publisher earns more because it is no longer sharing the subscription revenue.) [...]

The Economist is leading the charge on expensive subscriptions, and its success is one reason publishers are rethinking their approaches. It is a news magazine with an extraordinarily high cover price — raised to $6.99 late last year — and subscription price, about $100 a year on average.

Even though The Economist is relatively expensive, its circulation has increased sharply in the last four years. Subscriptions are up 60 percent since 2004, and newsstand sales have risen 50 percent, according to the audit bureau.

“We get more money out of our readers than advertisers, and that’s a very different model,” said Alan Press, senior vice president for marketing in the Americas at the Economist Group. “We’ll never discount the kind of content we have.”

Cartoons sobre Twitter

21 abril 2009

Pela paz mundial

Take a SharkBreak! (Online Aquarium)

A exploração dos jornais pelo Google e dos sujeitos das notícias pelos jornais...

Why Are Newspapers Exploiting The People They Cover? If you go by the journalist's own logic, then the truth is that they are exploiting the newsmakers they cover. After all, it's really the newsmakers who are "creating" the story, and all the journalists are doing is writing up an account of it, for commercial purposes, and not rewarding the newsmakers who make their jobs possible in the first place. Journalists have been freeriding on the backs of the people who actually make the news for too long! I think it's time that everyone who is in a news story start standing up for their rights, and demanding that journalists pay them to stop this free riding.

Revistas de fotografia

40 Amazing Online Photography Magazines

Pub comparativa de graaande nível

20 abril 2009

Para perder tempo 2

Easystreet, the street sign generator!

Para perder tempo

Name Masher
Exemplo com a casa: contrafactosumentos, contrafactargumentos ou contrafumentos


100 biggest givers in American politics since 1989:
Top 10 donors:
AT&T Inc - $40,838,395
American Fedn of State, County & Municipal Employees - $40,690,630
National Assn of Realtors - $34,635,003
Goldman Sachs - $30,878,682
American Assn for Justice - $30,103,429
Intl Brotherhood of Electrical Workers - $29,684,341
National Education Assn - $29,624,876
Laborers Union - $27,797,489
Service Employees International Union - $27,363,922
Carpenters & Joiners Union - $26,789,808


Top 10 Strangest Anti-Terrorism Patents (Note: yes, most of these patents cite fighting terrorism as raison d'être)

Uma de 20

15 abril 2009

Onde vão os blogues buscar informação? O exemplo do Daily Kos

Where we get our information from the past week, from Monday, April 6, to Sunday, April 12:

Newspapers: 102 primary, 21 secondary
Blogs: 83 primary, 19 secondary
Advocacy organizations: 77 primary, 9 secondary
Television network: 69 primary, 14 secondary
Online news organizations: 54 primary, 5 secondary
Magazines and journals: 36 primary
Political trade press: 28 primary
Research/polling: 20 primary
Wikipedia: 21 primary, 8 secondary
Educational (.edu): 15 primary
Government: 14 primary, 5 secondary
Campaigns: 13 primary
Books: 6 primary
AP and other Wire: 5 secondary
Radio: 4 primary

In the unlikely and tragic event that every single newspaper went out of business today, we'd have little problem replacing them as a source of information.

Mas ninguém segura este porco?...

O efeito 9/11 na compra de armamento

Recent trends in military expenditure: World military expenditure, 1988-2007