17 abril 2021


TICtank #46

TICtank #46

Big Tech Is Pushing States to Pass Privacy Laws...

...and Yes, You Should Be Suspicious: The Markup found industry fingerprints on at least five bills around the country—weak laws, experts say, that are designed to preempt stronger protections

Leo AR Partners With NOS

Leo AR Partners With NOS to Bring 5G and Augmented Reality to Portugal https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20210413005337/en/Leo-AR-Partners-With-NOS-to-Bring-5G-and-Augmented-Reality-to-Portugal

Billion-Dollar Acquisitions

Visualizing Tech Giants’ Billion-Dollar Acquisitions 


16 abril 2021

We’ve really relaxed some of our feelings about privacy and security

One of the interesting things that has happened over the past 12 months is that we’ve really relaxed some of our feelings about privacy and security. For a lot of people who were able to send their kids back to school, those schools required downloading an application and filling out pretty private details about your children that ranged from where you’ve traveled to whether or not somebody had symptoms. All of that’s attached to that child’s name. And it gets uploaded. And there was no choice. https://www.marketplace.org/shows/marketplace-tech/one-result-of-one-year-into-the-pandemic-privacy-might-be-dead/

HaDEA coordena iniciativa WiFi4EU

Nova agência europeia HaDEA passa a coordenar a iniciativa WiFi4EU 


Eduardo Santos sobre Richard Stallman: https://edsantos.eu/on-stalman/

15 abril 2021

Young women are turning to social media to speak honestly about sexual violence

Young women are turning to social media in search of nonjudgmental places to speak honestly about sexual violence in their daily lives. 


A Facebook loophole is allowing politicians around the world to fake support and criticize opponents


Algoritmos e falta de transparência

Nicolas Kayser-Bril, ​jornalista de dados no ​Algorithm Watch, foi o coordenador da investigação sobre os algoritmos do Instagram, de que resultou este artigo "Despir-se ou falhar: algoritmo do Instagram força utilizadores a mostrar a pele". Ele explicou como a plataforma social tem um enviesamento relativamente a homens ou mulheres pouco vestidos, que descobriu apesar da falta de transparência do Instagram.​... http://tictank.pt/2021/04/12/porque-e-importante-analisar-os-algoritmos-do-instagram/

14 abril 2021

The push to remove journal paywalls officially started this year

Here’s how it works. 



According to Google, the trial currently affects 0.5% of users in selected regions, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, the Philippines, and the United States. This page will try to detect whether you've been made a guinea pig in Google's ad-tech experiment. https://amifloced.org/ + info em https://tictank.pt/2021/03/08/cookies-floc-da-google-e-uma-pessima-ideia/

13 abril 2021

Farfetch na China

The campaign introduced over 50,000 new product releases from brands like AMBUSH, Marine Serre, and Y/Project, featuring eight cutting-edge trends that are popular among Gen Z shoppers, such as vibe style, neo-deconstruction, and cyberpunk. https://jingdaily.com/farfetch-doubles-down-on-chinas-gen-z/

Shilling Founders Fund

The fund says it has already invested in seven companies: Rows (spreadsheet for app creators), Vawlt (secure and resilient multi-cloud platform), Promptly (SaaS platform for health outcomes analytics), Modatta (decentralized marketplace for consented personal data), Biocol Labs (DTC post-chemical pharmacy), Decipad (low-code notebook) and Detech.ai (AI-powered application and infrastructure monitoring platform). https://techcrunch.com/2021/04/08/shilling-founders-fund-is-portugals-newest-vc-with-35-6m-to-spend-on-early-stage-startups/

12 abril 2021

2020: the Portuguese IP Office (INPI) received 20.105 national Trademark applications

In Portugal, in the year 2020, the Portuguese IP Office (INPI) received 20.105 national Trademark applications, representing an increase of 1,9% when compared to 2019. Concerning national patents, 391 applications were filed, which generated an increase of 72,2%, the highest in the last 10 years. On the other hand, national Design applications stood at 257 cases, decreasing 4,1% when compared to the previous year. https://inventa.com/en/news/article/613/national-applications-in-portugal-in-2020

When will life return to 'pre-COVID normal'?

When will life return to 'pre-COVID normal'? A new World Economic Forum-Ipsos survey asked participants when they felt life would return to something like a pre-COVID normal - with mixed opinions globally.

Hackers scraped data from 500 million LinkedIn users

CyberNews researchers confirmed that the data was scraped from LinkedIn users but noted that the information could have been taken from the profiles at a previous date rather than recently.


Dieta Mediterrânica e Big Data

A Dieta Mediterrânea (DM) é considerada pela Organização das Nações Unidas para a Alimentação e Agricultura (FAO) como “a melhor para as pessoas e a mais sustentável para o meio ambiente”. Na era do Big Data, novas ferramentas estão a surgir para facilitar a investigação em saúde. Uma forma de Big Data é aquela que se acumula no tráfego provocado por publicações na Web e nas redes sociais.


11 abril 2021

O estado norte-americano do Oklahoma lançou um programa de vigilância em massa para detectar motoristas sem seguro

Discretamente, o estado norte-americano do Oklahoma lançou um programa de vigilância em massa para detectar motoristas sem seguro - uma tecnologia apoiada pelas autoridades políticas e policiais. A ferramenta usada é a Rekor One, que "permite a detecção em tempo real de veículos não conformes e a consolidação instantânea de dados numa base de dados de seguros actualizada regularmente e ligada aos programas de fiscalização do estado", descreve um comunicado de imprensa.


A group of bipartisan lawmakers asked ad networks what foreign companies they provide user data to

A group of bipartisan lawmakers, including the chairman of the intelligence committee, have asked ad networks such as Google and Twitter what foreign companies they provide user data to, over concerns that foreign intelligence agencies could be leveraging them to harvest sensitive information on U.S. users, including their location. "This information would be a goldmine for foreign intelligence services that could exploit it to inform and supercharge hacking, blackmail, and influence campaigns," a letter signed by Senators Ron Wyden, Mark Warner, Kirsten Gillibrand, Sherrod Brown, Elizabeth Warren, and Bill Cassidy, reads. The lawmakers sent the letter last week to AT&T, Verizon, Google, Twitter, and a number of other companies that maintain advertisement platforms. 


External Chinese government and commercial messaging on IT speaks in one voice. Domestically, one hears a different, second voice.

External Chinese government and commercial messaging on information technology (IT) speaks in one voice. Domestically, one hears a different, second voice. The former stresses free markets, openness, collaboration, and interdependence, themes that suggest Huawei and other Chinese companies ought to be treated like other global private sector actors and welcomed into foreign networks. Meanwhile, domestic Chinese government, commercial, and academic discourse emphasizes the limits of free markets and the dangers of reliance on foreign technologies — and, accordingly, the need for industrial policy and government control to protect technologies, companies, and networks.