31 março 2010

O que acontece às ideias?


O regresso do Conselho de Imprensa? por Joaquim Fidalgo

Coisas que é bom saber

PG election poll: ‘Public are influenced by journalists, whether they believe it or not’: While 90 per cent of the public might consciously state that they won’t be influenced by media when it comes to political voting, they are unaware of subconscious factors and influences.

A ler também: Efeitos da divulgação de factos inventados são difíceis de parar e estudos mostram que até alvos sofisticados são manipuláveis.


The most popular social sharing options on the top blogs: A ton of social sharing options are out there, but which ones are bloggers relying on the most?

Coisas estranhas visíveis no Google Earth

O impacto do rating na produção de filmes

Portugal: Crushing Blow to Independent Film Financing? But before you scratch your head and say to yourself, "What's this got to do with me and the movie I want to make right here in the U.S.?," let me assure you: It's got everything to do with the state of filmmaking worldwide and no one is talking about it.

O cinema português nunca existiu tanto e com tão pouco: O alerta lançado por um grupo de realizadores e produtores para o estado em que se encontra o cinema português fala em calamidade pública. A realidade não anda longe

O iPad, os media e a pub online

Here Is Why The iPad Won't Save The Magazine Industry: Some believe the iPad will enable magazines to reverse course in the near-term, but we believe these expectations are way off the mark. In particular:

* It's going to be years for mobile ad revenue to become material.
* As a result, in the near-term magazines will need to look to subscription revenue to drive incremental profits.
* But, even if iPad sales wildly exceed expectations and users rush to purchase lots of magazine subscriptions (we don't think they will), this will not be enough to drive meaningful revenue at most magazines.


UW researchers look to reinvent the graphical user interface: The tool, called Prefab, can identify text, buttons, progress bars, sliders and many other graphical elements that we're used to seeing in user interfaces. It then can modify what is actually displayed on your monitor.

Pub online

Online display ads fall for the first time in nine years: The report also reveals that despite 2009's gloomy economic outlook and its devastating effect on the advertising industry, online ad spend as a whole weathered the storm, rising from £3.35bn in 2008 to £3.5bn in 2009.

The 4.2% rise, at a time when every other major media contracted, was propelled by search, video and affiliate marketing.

Paid search was up 9.5% like-for-like to reach £2.15bn, representing 60.7% of all online ad spend, and affiliate marketing by 38.2% to £72.6m.

30 março 2010

Liberdades e ditaduras

1 in 4 Americans censoring thoughts under Obama: those who believe their personal liberties have plunged since inauguration day have grown significantly from 49 percent to more than 55 percent in just one month. [...]
On the issue of censoring, the question was asked: "Do you find yourself self-censoring thoughts that you hold on a given subject because of fear of harm, punishment, social rejection, or some other penalty?"

Aldous Huxley Warns Against Dictatorship in America: Who were the villains? Not elected representatives who passed laws with a majority in Congress. No, it was a different set of characters: overpopulation, bureaucracy, propaganda, drugs, advertising, and, yes, television.

Realidades aumentadas (videos)

Top 10 Augmented Reality Examples

Origami em movimento

Papiroflexia (Spanish for "Origami")

29 março 2010

Um século de comida nos EUA

Tracking a Century of American Eating: ERS’s food availability data span 100 years, allowing researchers, marketers, and policymakers to examine historical consumption trends and shifts in food demand.

Factos e números do Facebook

Check Out This Amazing Facebook Fact Sheet

Imagens da hora da Terra

Earth Hour 2010


Magazines: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: Robin-Hooding print, vintage infographics, and what organ music has to do with the iPad.

A ver...

10 Must-See Google Street View Sightings

28 março 2010

Num mercado livre

The Price of Journalism: Online publishing offers the business of news an alternative to managed decline

There are those who argue that it is in some way contrary to the “spirit of the internet” to charge for content. This is an absurd contention. The internet is one vast free market. Indeed it is the critics who fail to understand the net. In the early days it might have been possible to regard online publishing as merely a marketing teaser to encourage print sales. Years later, the internet has grown up and grown out of this. It is a proper platform for publishing a newspaper and we propose to treat it as such. Some also argue that internet users will not be willing to pay for content online. We believe readers and potential readers are willing to pay a fair price.

Why the future of good news is not free: At present we are in the absurd position of charging people £2 for our newspaper while simultaneously offering the same content free online. The flawed logic was that internet advertising would pay for it. The recession has put a stop to that, so giving away expensive journalism is financially unsustainable and ultimately bad for us and our readers.

The Dire State of the Newspaper Industry Newspaper Association of America released its estimates for advertising revenue across the newspaper industry. The numbers for 2009 were nothing short of disastrous, once again bringing up a very tough question: Can newspapers find a way to survive?


Tipo Dereza

Dereza typeface

27 março 2010

Futebol com iPhone

Verdade :)

Daqui, via S.

26 março 2010

Vídeo científico

Nature: One minute of footage takes two years to make. [vídeo]

Despedimentos com alguns salários a duplicar

New York Times Staffers Furious Over Executives' Huge Hiked Salaries

Jornais portugueses online

Visual representations of online traffic for Portuguese news websites


Work Addiction Measured With New Scale; Work addiction involves working excessive hours and feeling guilty when not at work.

Ainda os motores de busca

Sergey Brin's Double-Standard: Google Happy To Keep Censoring Results For These Other Governments

Bom negócio?

Independent owners pay former KGB spy £9m to take papers off their hands: It must rate as one the best ever reader offers. Buy The Independent for its £1 cover price and get control of the paper, its Sunday sister and £9.25m to boot.


Google Ads Will Now Follow You Across The Web: If someone visits a page on an advertiser’s own site or YouTube channel, Google can now show a related follow-up ad to just that person when they visit another site which shows Google ads.


Twitter and Facebook: Productivity or Distraction?
Study finds Facebook, Twitter users 'obsessed': About half of Facebook and Twitter users say they check the social networks after they go to bed at night or first thing in the morning, a new report says.

Condomínios fechados usando os motores de busca?

Is Russia Google's next weak spot?

Por edital

Chinese Government Tells Media What To Say And Not Say About Google's Humiliating Departure


'D'oh' named top 'Simpsons' word, the greatest contribution to English by "The Simpsons."

França queixa-se do Irão

ITU Radio Regulations Board urges Iran to end interference hampering EUTELSAT satellite operations

Mapa de histórias

Esquerda e direita

Great Visualizers: Stefanie Posavec

Despedimentos nos media

Here's An Amazing View Of What The Media Bloodbath Looks Like

De A a Pi

Short film titles

25 março 2010

Tráfego em Lisboa

Traffic in Lisbon condensed in one day (via)

Sam Harris

Science Can Answer Moral Questions (video)

Regresso a 1986?

Newspaper ad revenue plummets to 1986 level, reflecting the toll of the recession and a media shift that's driving more marketing dollars to the Internet.


Print Publications Still Hallucinating That The iPad Will Save Their Asses - Here's Why It Won't
Magazines Use the iPad as Their New Barker: Advertisers Gather Around as Publishers Tout Tablet Device's Bells and Whistles
Why iPad Owners Will Read More, and Faster
iPad news: would you pay more?

Portugal entre Malta e Lituânia

Greece's problems with paying the bills

"Flash Mobs" para a violência

Flash Mobs Take Violent Turn in Philadelphia: hundreds of teenagers have been converging downtown for a ritual that is part bullying, part running of the bulls: sprinting down the block, the teenagers sometimes pause to brawl with one another, assault pedestrians or vandalize property.

Insegurança móvel

Cell Phones: A Security Risk to Your Business? Last July, Charlie Miller, a professional hacker, announced from the stage of an IT security conference that he could hack any iPhone in the world by text message.

Facebook vs Google na publicidade

Facebook Tops Google for Loyalty: According to a new study, when it comes to consuming news online, users are more loyal to Facebook than they are to Google News—leading brands to shift their online marketing dollars.


Mexico peso hit by Portugal downgrade
Colombian Peso Declines to One-Month Low on Portugal Downgrade


The Komikal Kartoonist

The Enchanted Drawing: Blackton’s Early Animation: Lightning sketches, journalistic sycophancy, and what Thomas Edison as to do with Pixar.


Lena diz que "a eventual venda dos media não é um problema em si": A possível venda do diário i e dos restantes activos de media detidos pelo grupo Lena ficará definida "em um ou dois meses".
Dívidas obrigam a vender jornal i mas Administração tranquiliza funcionários

24 março 2010

A moeda Facebook

Status Update On Monday, March 22, 2010...
Trademark Summary: On Thursday, February 11, 2010, a U.S. federal trademark registration was filed for F. This trademark is owned by FACEBOOK, INC., 1601 South California Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94304.

Factos miseráveis

New Miserable Numbers Prove 2009 Was Newspapers' Worst Year Since The Depression: Here are the hard, cold facts:
* Total print advertising revenue in 2009 was down 27.2 %, by just under $10 billion, compared to 2008.
* Classified print ads were down 38.1%.
* Retail ads were down 24.2%.
* From its most successful year in 2005, total print revenue was down by almost half at 44.2%, as the New York Times points out. "The last time advertisers spent less on newspapers was in 1986." Ouch.
* Online ad revenue didn't fare well either: It sunk 11.8% in 2009 compared to 2008. So much for news' Great Digital Hope, unless ad sales teams get busy in 2010.

Disfarçados? Tss, tss...

Twitter Starts Rolling Out Contributors Feature, Salesforce Activated

Água engrrrrrr!afada

Facebook & Twitter nas notícias

Facebook and Twitter, hand in hand in the news:
1. The amount of news mentioning Twitter or Facebook is about the same.
2. But above all: News mentioning Twitter is very likely to also mention Facebook, and vice versa.

Coro social

Virtual Choir: Many critics of web technology complain that there is nothing special enabled by social media which you could not do with traditional media. Yes, you could make a choir of 200, but it would probably not sing like this.

Talvez sim, talvez não

Should Doctors Google Their Patients?

Facebook a estudar a felicidade

Facebook Data Team: Continuing our Study of Happiness


When Do Twitter Users Sleep?


Home 3-D: Here, or Hype? New 3-D devices are coming to stores, but widespread adoption may not be so fast.
Nintendo to launch 3-D version of handheld console: The "Nintendo 3DS" will feature a 3-D display without the need for glasses. The new portable gaming device will be compatible with software made for earlier DS models, the company said.


How the Tablet Will Change the World

I agora?

Grupo Lena avisa que pode sair dos media: Uma análise que surge “no quadro de vários cenários de reestruturação do próprio portfólio de empresa”, justifica o grupo Lena. Em cima da mesa estão diversas hipóteses que passam pela negociação “envolvendo grupos nacionais e estrangeiros”.

22 março 2010

21 março 2010

Computador zangado


15 Lessons Old Media Must Learn From SXSW



Portugal visto de fora (e também de dentro)

Southern Europe was never meant to join the euro: The Portuguese did not do their homework to prepare for euro entry[...] Overnight, the country found itself enjoying German-style low interest rates, and not enough effort was made to explain to citizens that this was a unique moment in history, to be seized and not squandered. Instead, Portugal embarked on a short-termist spiral of private indebtedness, though it avoided the housing bubbles seen in places like Spain or Ireland.

É hoje

Happy Birthday Twitter
Twitter in trouble after setting Sarkozy rumour mill whirring

19 março 2010

The Bank Implode-O-Meter

Since early 2007, 254 banks have imploded

Recordação de 2006: Becky na rádio

Sempre a aumentar

The potential — and limits — of the internet in political campaigning

Pergunta interessante

Can the pope be fired?


The Scale of the Universe

Hábitos, lá como cá

The Financial Crisis and the Scientific Mindset: For having once been so massively bailed out by the American taxpayer, Wall Street will know that its next breakdown, too, will be relieved by the rapid intercession of the benevolent state.

Revistas debatem tablets

Don't Let Your Website Ruin Your Magazine's Tablet Edition

Mark Twain por Thomas Edison em 1909

Mark Twain Captured on Film by Thomas Edison (1909)

O futuro dos livros é a cópia sem atribuição da autoria?

The Future of Publishing reversed – Dorling Kindersley’s clever video

The End of Attribution? “Lost Generation” has its own origins in a 2006 advertisement for Argentinian presidential candidate Ricardo Lopez Murphy called “The Truth.”

O estado do Twitter e de outras redes (e das pessoas, também...)

Social Media Statistics: TV, Multi-tasking, Online News and Your Brand’s Friends, Fans & Followers

Girl Talk: How Men Dominate Twitter

"What the HELL is social media"? Well...

18 março 2010

Google Street Uau...


contrafactos.tk Estimated Worth: $247,463 USD, Google Page Rank: 5, boa vista para falésia, vizinhança agradável, assoalhadas à medida.

A morte lenta das "pageviews"

The Death of the Pageview: Here's What You Should Be Tracking Instead

"Web only" in Seattle

The Future Of Newspapers, Seattlepi.com, Celebrates 1 Year Of Web-Only News

The Nikkei pago

Japan's The Nikkei prepares to erect paywall: The Japanese publisher, which also owns TV Tokyo and Nikkei CNBC, is hoping 300,000 users will sign up for the digital edition of The Nikkei within the first weeks of its launch. This newspaper already has one of the largest circulations in the world, with over 3,000,000 copies daily.

O Alqueva turco (é pior...) aniquila Batman e Hasankeyf

Flooding the cradle of civilisation

Downloads ilegais equivalem 10 mil milhões de euros. Exacto: 10 mil milhões

European Web downloads cost euro10 billion: Europeans downloaded euro10 billion worth of pirated music, film, television shows and software from the Web in 2008, an entertainment industry study said Wednesday.

'Tarzan Economics'?

If Music Is Free, How Do Artists Get Paid?

Pista de saltos

The Holmenkollen ski jump by JDS Architects has opened in Oslo, Norway.

Dinheiro à ordem

How much big tech companies have in the bank?
# In terms of total assets, IBM and HP make the other companies look small.
# Microsoft has twice the assets of Google.

17 março 2010


Our Financial Institutions


Bloody Bath Mat

24 horas a cada minuto!

YouTube Is Huge: 24 Hours of Video Now Uploaded Every Minute
[act.: Live Streaming Sites Beat YouTube in Video Hours Uploaded: live streaming startups Ustream, Livestream and Justin.tv all claim to encode more video per minute than the largest video site on the web.]

Porquê "linkar"?

10 Reasons Why News Organizations Should Use 'Linked Data'

Três empresas portuguesas

Gone Google

Agregador por partilha

Michael Wolff Launches "Newser By Users" Grid: "Rupert Murdoch's Worst Nightmare"


Analysis of Google finds only 11% of news content original "What were those other 100 reporters doing?"


Are children getting too used to touchscreens?

Privacidade por pressão

"If there's something that's going to freak out your consumers, don't do it": IAB head Rothenberg again warned Internet marketers to be highly attuned to protecting privacy in order to avoid the wrath of government regulators.

Na Net enquanto se TVê

Facebook, Google and Yahoo! are Top Sites While Watching Big TV Events

Nem sim nem sim

U.S. Users Don't Mind Ads, Don't Click On Them Either: 81 percent of online news users "do not mind" online advertising. However, 77 percent of respondents also said they tend to ignore those ads, with 42 percent claiming they "never" click on them, and 35 percent claiming to do so "hardly ever."



Ah pois é...

Rasto de notícias falsas quase nunca se apaga

16 março 2010

Information overload

Da Time

10 Ideas for the Next 10 Years:
1. The Next American Century
2. Remapping the World
3. Bandwidth Is the New Black Gold
4. The Dropout Economy
5. China and the U.S.: The Indispensable Axis
6. In Defense of Failure
7. The White Anxiety Crisis
8. TV Will Save the World
9. The Twilight of the Elites
10. The Boring Age

Simples registo de nomes, como na Internet...

North Korea bans other people from being named Kim Jong Un

Coisas que é bom saber

Universe’s age: 13.75 billion years


Last week, Twitter's Website Sends 0.14% Of Visits To News Sites

Mudanças nos media

Audit Bureau of Circulations Board Revises Definition of Magazine Digital Edition, Endorses Strategic Vision and New Publisher’s Statement for U.S. Newspapers: to accommodate new reading devices such as the Apple iPad[, t]he new standards state that a replica digital edition must include a print edition’s full editorial content and advertising, but it no longer needs to be presented in a layout identical to the print version. Replica digital editions will continue to be included in a magazine’s circulation guarantee, or rate base.


Se ele fosse a Microsoft...

If I was Microsoft... I would be demanding this to the EU right now

Dan-Ah Kim

Para onde foi o brandy?

Time capsule unearthed: A page out of history stepped out of time and into the sunlight Saturday in Somerton - minus a bottle of brandy.

A small crowd gathered around the site of a time capsule that was buried in 1985 on Main Street to watch as it was unearthed.

Inside were letters from Somerton residents, photographs, an old VHS tape and a 1981 Time magazine with a picture of President Ronald Reagan on the cover.

Pancho Soto, now Somerton's supervisor for the Streets and Solid Waste Department, was part of the crew that buried it.[...]

"I was surprised when we opened it. There was a bottle of brandy, and right now it's not there. What happened? I don't know. When we buried it, the bottle was there. I thought it was going got be there and I told my friends and co-workers it was going to be there."

Conversa sobre trabalhar em media sem ser pago

Can working for free ever pay? Fire & Knives founder responds to Twitter backlash

Descubra as diferenças

AP creates app for Windows Series 7 Phone vs Público com nova aplicação para iPhone

"Electric media"

Uncovered Gem: Marshall McLuhan’s Global Village: McLuhan explores how “electric media” are turning the world into one global village, changing our relationship with print, and extending our sensory capabilities

Hacker News sai dos motores de busca

Hacker News Just Banned Google And Every Other Search Engine: By blocking robots spidering their website, Google (et al) cannot index their content, meaning that if you search for it, you will not find it. Bad news? Not to Hacker News.

Twitter com @Anywhere

Twitter's @Anywhere ID registered in late 2007: Twitter announced its @Anywhere platform at the South by Southwest Interactive (SXSWi) festival

Estudar com Wikipedia nos EUA

How today’s college students use Wikipedia for course-related research: Findings are reported from student focus groups and a large-scale survey about how and why students (enrolled at six different U.S. colleges) use Wikipedia during the course-related research process. A majority of respondents frequently used Wikipedia for background information, but less often than they used other common resources, such as course readings and Google. Architecture, engineering, and science majors were more likely to use Wikipedia for course-related research than respondents in other majors. The findings suggest Wikipedia is used in combination with other information resources. Wikipedia meets the needs of college students because it offers a mixture of coverage, currency, convenience, and comprehensibility in a world where credibility is less of a given or an expectation from today’s students.

"Open access" com pub

The role of advertising in financing open access journals: In a number of articles or books, advertising is pointed to as a possible way of financing open access (OA) journals. Very little work seems to have been done on finding out how advertising actually functions as a source of financing for OA journals. A survey was carried out to explore the field, both why journals did not employ advertising, and how advertising was employed. The findings show little uptake of advertising among OA journals, and indicate that there is a lack of understanding of how advertising could best be employed.

Pub criativa

[act.: The Making Of Heineken’s Amazing Soccer Swindle]


15 março 2010

Dot-com começaram há 25 anos, bolha estourou há dez. E agora?

O primeiro registo de um nome de domínio na Internet .com ocorreu a 15 de Março de 1985 pela desaparecida fabricante de computadores Symbolics. Seguiu-se a BBN em Abril, Think.com em Maio, MCC em Julho, DEC e Northrop até Dezembro. O mundo da Internet nunca mais foi o mesmo.
1985 foi um ano interessante. Surgiu o interdisciplinar Media Lab do Instituto de Tecnologia de Massachussets (MIT), a Microsoft lançou a versão 1 do Windows e apareceu a primeira consola da Nintendo que dinamizou uma geração para a interactividade.
O primeiro site Web surge mais tarde, em 1990, no laboratório europeu de física das partículas (CERN), em info.cern.ch. O primeiro motor de busca digno desse nome – perante os indexadores de páginas - foi o WebCrawler em 1994.
Há 15 anos, a Amazon começou a vender livros pela Web e surgiu a AuctionWeb, depois reconhecida por eBay, abreviação do Echo Bay Technology Group porque o endereço echobay.com já estava ocupado.
O sucesso de algumas propostas online, até Março de 2000, levou as dot-com a um frenesim e Portugal não passou ao lado de projectos especulativos ou sustentados, alguns dos quais perduram.
A 10 de Março, dia que é recordado como o início do fim das dot-com, o Nasdaq (bolsa norte-americana de empresas tecnológicas) atingiu o seu valor mais alto de sempre, após o que surgiram os primeiros sinais de que algo corria mal.
Na apresentação dos resultados anuais, várias dot-com não cumpriram as expectativas e o retorno esperado por quem as financiava (investidores e empresas de capital de risco). Foi o “estouro” da bolha dot-com que permitiu uma selecção natural das melhores e o aparecimento de negócios inovadores sustentáveis. Por exemplo, nesse ano, a Google - criada dois anos antes - apenas lucrava 19 milhões de dólares e consegue hoje 24 mil milhões.
Claro que os utilizadores online aumentaram (de 360 milhões de utilizadores para os actuais 1500 milhões), bem como a largura de banda, e a generalização do acesso à Internet agilizou o aparecimento de negócios que antes eram de difícil sustentação. O MySpace apareceu em Agosto de 2003, o Facebook em Fevereiro de 2004, o primeiro vídeo no YouTube é de Abril de 2005, a primeira mensagem no Twitter foi colocada em Março de 2006.
São todos serviços da chamada Web 2.0 e, agora que o capital de risco nas novas empresas tecnológicas aumentou em 40% do terceiro para o último trimestre de 2009, segundo a consultora ChubbyBrain, antecipa-se que se possa estar perante um crash 2.0.
“Nada mudou”, afirma Mark Cuban, CEO da falhada Broadcast.com e empresário no desporto e cinema. Ao diário inglês Guardian, explicou ontem que “em 2000 foram as acções da Internet. Alguns anos depois foi o imobiliário e os empréstimos. Daqui a cinco anos será outra coisa qualquer. Vivemos por bolhas” nos Estados Unidos e a da Internet “foi apenas um exemplo das muitas que já aconteceram”.

Mais info:
Happy 25th Birthday, dot.com!
First Internet .com Celebrates 25th Anniversary Today
Dotcom celebrates 25th anniversary: first 10 websites
Internet Domain Name Turns 25
Dotcom web address celebrates silver anniversary
25 years of .com domain names
Dot-com marks 25th anniversary


The State of the News Media 2010: Newspapers, including online, saw ad revenue fall 26% during the year, which brings the total loss over the last three years to 43%...
The shrinking money left in print, which still provides 90% of the industry’s funds, is the amount of time left to invent new revenue models online. The industry must find a new model before that money runs out.



Euthanazing the paper? Not yet.: There are alternatives to envisioning the transformation of the print media as only a choice between euthanizing the paper product or putting it on life support.

Coisas que é bom saber

When did the first 'modern' human beings appear in the Iberian Peninsula?

Marcas, relevância, influência

Brands Must Become Media to Earn Relevance: We not only become media, through production and engagement, we become influential.


Y el peor anuncio del año es...

Mitos a não comprar

Don't Buy The Myth That People Won't Pay For News: First, it's strange that Americans think they don't pay for online news. We do.

Canibalização criativa

Report proposes taxing Google and other aggregators to help local newspapers: The Commission of Inquiry into the Future of Civil Society in UK and Ireland warned that original journalism is being replaced by "creative cannibalisation in the newspaper industry, due to economic restrictions".

A espalhar a boa nova :)

The Spread of Goodness: Because of social networks, your actions aren't just having an impact on what you do, or on what your friends do, but on thousands of other people too.

Jaron Lanier

Virtual reality pioneer turns against Web 2.0 culture: open source and Web 2.0 culture pose an "existential threat" to individuality and creativity.

Borboletas e casulos...

Pew: readers prefer ad-supported news to pay walls: Advertising remains the primary means of support for online news outlets, and there's a long uphill battle facing anyone trying to forge new business models... when it comes to online news, getting people to pay for content they otherwise value is "like trying to force butterflies back into their cocoons.

E eu é que sou Android?

Report: 98.9% Of Downloads On The Android Market Are Free Mobile gaming and an abundance of free apps have helped the Android Market surpass 250 million downloads

House of games

Investors can soon make bets on movie box office: Two new futures exchanges will let studios spread the financial risk of creating films.

Maldita pirataria...

Global film ticket sales rose 7.6% in 2009: greatest growth was in Asia Pacific & The MPAA said the number of digital 3-D screens worldwide tripled in 2009 to 8,989.

Realmente, pode-se sempre nivelar por baixo...

"Reality" television genre edging toward recognized - and legitimate - art form


Online News Readers Use 5 Sites or Fewer, Study Says: Only 35 percent of the people who go online for news have a favorite site, and just 21 percent are more or less “monogamous”

Não tem piada...

Comic Strips Getting Cut From Newspapers: To Save Money, Many Newspapers Are Carrying Fewer Funnies

Milagres gágá

How Miracle Whip, Plenty of Fish Tap Lady Gaga's 'Telephone': At least nine different brands make appearances in the nine-minute music video


Good News: EU Is On Track To Meet Its Renewable Goals: Austria, Denmark, Finland, Latvia, Portugal and Sweden each will generate more than 30 percent of their total power supply from renewable energy.

Como as liberdades expIrão...

IFRA Condemns Detention of Iranian Journalists: 110 journalists have been imprisoned and at least 20 news media censored by the Iranian regime over the past eight months


14 março 2010

Hoje é dia de feira popular

Amor e ódio pela publicidade 'online' (com links)

Boas e más notícias marcaram esta semana o sector da publicidade online. Marc Andreessen, conhecido pela criação do browser da Netscape, defendeu que "os barcos" da imprensa tradicional "deviam ser queimados", numa analogia aos navegadores que optavam por queimar os barcos para não serem capturados e reutilizados. Se os meios tradicionais não o fizerem, alguém o fará.

O problema é quando queimar as velhas embarcações. Pela primeira vez, os anunciantes publicitários norte-americanos vão investir mais no meio on line do que impresso - uma diferença de 1,2% entre meios (119 contra 111 mil milhões de dólares) mas 10% em termos de crescimento anual para o online, segundo um estudo da analista Outsell junto de um milhar de anunciantes em Dezembro passado. No papel, um pequeno crescimento (1,9%) só vai ocorrer nas revistas.

Neste campo, um outro trabalho da Columbia Journalism Review revelou que 60% dos sites de muitas revistas (acima de 1,5 milhões de visitantes únicos) são lucrativos, com a maioria a oferecer acesso gratuito aos conteúdos, mas mais de um terço nem sequer sabe se o site é ou não lucrativo. 134 das 665 respostas afirmavam não ter a certeza, 110 não separam as receitas do papel e do online, 212 têm lucro, quase o mesmo número dos que não responderam.

A indústria da comunicação social está a mudar e, sobre esse assunto, o chief economist da Google, Hal Varian, defendeu esta semana que os jornais nunca ganharam muito dinheiro com as notícias, mostrando como o grosso dos seus lucros vêm da publicidade e dos classificados - ambos em queda -, enquanto do online ainda são minímos (apenas 5%).

Varian, como Andreessen, defende que a passagem para o online é justificada em termos financeiros, derivada dos elevados custos de produção dos títulos em papel. No entanto, revelou que 40% dos utilizadores da Internet a usam para aceder às notícias mas o tempo gasto nos sites noticiosos é de apenas 70 segundos por dia, contra 25 minutos numa edição em papel. A explicação é que os utilizadores acedem às notícias por razões profissionais e não em lazer, sendo assim "menos interessantes para os anunciantes".

Um outro "apelo" demonstrou a fragilidade da publicidade online. A revista Ars Technica demonstrou como os bloqueadores de anúncios online são "devastadores para os sites de que se gosta" e pediu aos leitores para não os usarem.

A tecnologia dos bloqueadores impede o leitor de ver anúncios - e muitos procuram esta opção - mas como alguns sites são pagos pelos anunciantes na base da exposição (pay per view), os próprios leitores acabam por os prejudicar ao não aceitar a visualização, enquanto consomem recursos (jornalísticos e acesso por banda larga) que ninguém paga. Num teste, o Ars fechou o acesso a quem usava bloqueadores e afirmou que "tecnologicamente, foi um sucesso".
(Texto no DN de ontem)

13 março 2010

Fora de moda...

Has Blogging Peaked? Twitter So Much Easier: Since 2007, Percentage of Young Adults Blogging has Dropped by Half

Duas histórias da Catânia

Mais do que um Mourinho derrotado, interessa ler O enigma Majorana por Magueijo...

Para não acreditar em tudo o que se vê... (pub)

12 março 2010

Rene Magritte por Duane Michals

no La Contessa

A verdade e só a verdade

Completely truthful posters for Oscar nominees

A vê-los passar...

Great photo series: long live the queen! with 11 presidents. wow.

Obama e inteiros

Barack Obama & Computer Science Question

Apple pré-vende 91 mil iPad em seis horas

Judging from the order numbers, pre-sales are coming in at the rate of 25,000 per hour

Jogo sobre jogos

Arcade Aid

Jornalismo "ambiente"

Twitter as ambient journalism paper available online: these broad, asynchronous, lightweight and always-on systems are enabling citizens to maintain a mental model of news and events around them, giving rise to awareness systems that I describe as ambient journalism.

World Day Against Cyber Censorship

Marking the World Day Against Cyber Censorship

Simples, em 10 slides

7 notas (Pessimistas) sobre o jornalismo digital em Portugal por @agranado

Fun-da-mental! (leram bem...)

Evan Williams says Twitter fundamental to government: Social networks will become a fundamental way we communicate with our governments, businesses and loved ones, Twitter co-founder Evan Williams has told the BBC.

Queimar os barcos e os tripulantes...

Andreessen’s not-so-hot idea for publishers: The lesson is this: While there may have been no way to save Netscape after Microsoft changed the rules of the game – and there may be no way to fully defend newspapers from the countless digital competitors gnawing away at their audience and advertisers – you sure can’t transition a business to a new model by torching 90% of its existing revenue.

[act. via @PauloQuerido: It’s Hard To Watch The Newsosaurs Turn A Blind Eye To Their Own Extinction: So the real question is one of timing. How long will it take that $30 billion print business to go to $20 billion, $10 billion, or zero? No doubt, it will take years, probably decades. But how long do print media companies wait before they leave their old business behind?]

Tripão, cortesia da CIA

French bread spiked with LSD in CIA experiment: A 50-year mystery over the 'cursed bread' of Pont-Saint-Esprit, which left residents suffering hallucinations, has been solved after a writer discovered the US had spiked the bread with LSD as part of an experiment.


Sempre a subir no Reino Unido

Up - a tale of education spending: "new figures show spending on education has gone up, up and up for more than 50 years - reflecting our growing expectations for children."

Lucros apesar de perda de receitas

Grupos de Media conseguem lucros apesar de 2009 ter sido pior ano de investimentos publicitários: Os três grupos português de media cotados em Bolsa obtiveram em 2009 lucros apesar de todos terem perdido receitas em relação ao ano anterior, segundo as contas apresentadas pela Media Capital, Impresa e Cofina.

5 segundos (top 20)

Uau, motopublicidade!!!

Do marketing

Social Media Cheat Sheet

10 março 2010


Fox Is The Most Pirated Network On YouTube

Nas eleições no Irão

How Reuters used social media in Iran to source video

Controlo dos media?

Religious right head demands that God give "Christians" control of the media...

70 Million pelos Hold Your Horses

Pergunta com resposta

What do Flash, Android, Hotmail, Google Analytics and Powerpoint all have in common?

The answer is: None of them were created by the companies who now own them. They were acquisitions.

Jornal em 3D

Belgian paper, Le Derniere Heure, makes 3D paper: This is the first time a European newspaper has used 3D technology in a publication.

Para tecnojornalistas ou jornalistecnólogos...

Hacks and Hackers: A New Community for Technojournalists, Journotechnologists

Efeito Obama?

Hasta 237 candidatos registrados se disputarán el premio Nobel de la Paz, según el Instituto Nobel de Oslo, entre ellos los disidentes chinos, la ONG rusa Memorial, la Estación Espacial Internacional o incluso los padres de la Internet.


Un vídeo de curling en la nevada de Barcelona causa furor en YouTube


this year's winner of the Oscar for Best Animated Short Film (a ver por aqui)

Como se identificam os telespectadores com os canais de TV nacionais?

A resposta, em gráficos, no Jornalismo e Comunicação

Marc Da Cunha Lopes

Auteur de l’excellente série Made of Myth pour Amusement, voici le travail de ce photographe français Marc Da Cunha Lopes basé à Paris

A ver...

8 Science Fiction Films That Don't Start As Science Fiction

Tron: Legacy

Tron: Legacy in HD

"The White Mountain" por Charles Leung

A nova agricultura solar

Solar Industry Learns Lessons in Spanish Sun: Farmers sold land for solar plants. Boutiques opened. And people from all over the world, seeing business opportunities, moved to the city, which had suffered from 20 percent unemployment and a population exodus.

But as low-quality, poorly designed solar plants sprang up on Spain’s plateaus, Spanish officials came to realize that they would have to subsidize many of them indefinitely, and that the industry they had created might never produce efficient green energy on its own.

In September the government abruptly changed course, cutting payments and capping solar construction.

08 março 2010

A ética dos cowboys, lei no Wyoming

10 principles derived from "the Code of the West" (drawn from a book by a retired Wall Street investor, James Owen)... folks in Wyoming are officially urged to:
...live courageously,
take pride in their work,
finish what they start,
do what's necessary,
be tough but fair,
keep promises,
ride for the brand,
talk less and say more,
remember that some things aren't for sale, and
know where to draw the line.


A Internet de 1998 a 2008

Growth of the Internet from 1998 to 2008: BBC News has a very cool interactive chart up, showing how Internet had grown from 1998 to 2008 in various parts of the world.