08 maio 2021

https://www.cnbc.com/2021/05/03/verizon-sells-yahoo-and-aol-businesses-to-apollo-for-5-billion.html Grupo Apollo em Portugal? https://jornaleconomico.sapo.pt/noticias/respostas-rapidas-qual-a-estrategia-do-fundo-apollo-nos-negocios-418449


07 maio 2021

Sabia que a Web abriu ao público a 30 de Abril de 1993?

Durante o ciclo eleitoral de 2020, a Big Tech gastou 124 milhões de dólares em lobby e contribuições de campanha – batendo os seus próprios recordes de ciclos eleitorais anteriores.

06 maio 2021

The #Disney Must Pay Joint Task Force was formed to identify and guide authors who might be owed money due to the discontinuance of royalties and statements for media tie-in creative works. https://www.writersmustbepaid.org/
The Commission publishes today the new reports by Twitter, TikTok, Google, Facebook and Microsoft on measures they took in March 2021 against coronavirus and vaccine disinformation as signatories of the Code of Practice on Disinformation. https://digital-strategy.ec.europa.eu/en/library/reports-march-actions-fighting-covid-19-disinformation-monitoring-programme

05 maio 2021


An extra-uterine system to physiologically support the extreme premature lamb: We show that fetal lambs that are developmentally equivalent to the extreme premature human infant can be physiologically supported in this extra-uterine device for up to 4 weeks. Lambs on support maintain stable haemodynamics, have normal blood gas and oxygenation parameters and maintain patency of the fetal circulation. With appropriate nutritional support, lambs on the system demonstrate normal somatic growth, lung maturation and brain growth and myelination.

‘Parents can look at their foetus in real time’: are artificial wombs the future? Will out of body gestation ever replace the experience of human birth?

Genomic Prediction: Advanced embryo genetic testing. Choose your healthiest embryo.

Algorithmic surveillance tools allow racist groups flagging LGBTQ health sites as 'porn'

A Motherboard investigation found the algorithmic surveillance tools allow racist groups like the KKK while flagging LGBTQ health sites as 'porn'. 


Japanese Toshiba Typewriter

RARE Japanese Toshiba Typewriter


12 indomáveis anti-vacinas, suportados nas redes sociais


Portugal Europe's Silicon Valley

Made in Portugal has long been a signal for quality in the textile sector. Now other industries are putting down roots in Portugal, including R&D firms involved in electronics and software. 


04 maio 2021

Apple, Alphabet, Facebook and Amazon had the most profitable year on record

Four of the country's biggest technology companies — Apple, Alphabet, Facebook and Amazon — had the most profitable year on record. 


Como garantir o jornalismo e proteger a democracia?


How I Became a Libertarian

How I Became a Libertarian: I did not become a libertarian because I was persuaded by philosophical arguments — those of Ayn Rand or F. A. Hayek, for example. Rather, I became a libertarian because I was persuaded by my own experiences and observations of reality. There were three important lessons.

The first lesson was my personal experience of socialism. The second was what I learned about the consequences of government intervention from teaching a course on financial intermediaries and markets. And the third lesson was what I learned about the origin and evolution of government from my research into the sources of economic progress in preindustrial Europe and China. (...)

The lesson for progressivism is clear: we don’t understand the economy and the effects of intervention well enough to be able to improve things. The economy is a complex system that adapts to intervention in ways that are inherently unpredictable. The consequences are rarely what we expect or desire. So, for me, the first pillar of progressivism crumbled. We don’t know how to make things better through government intervention. (...)

What did this different understanding of government mean for my progressivism? What government does is deploy force. In the good case, it deploys force to protect its territory against predation. In the bad case, to which things naturally tend, it deploys force to engage in predation. Government has existed for millennia; only a century or so ago did intellectuals — many of them economists — come up with the idea that government was a suitable instrument for solving society’s problems. It is a bizarre idea: why should the guys with the guns run the financial system or provide us with education or health care? The second pillar of my progressivism crumbled.


I became a libertarian — a libertarian with a small “l.” That is, I believe in limited government. Government is necessary to protect us against predation by other governments. But government is not a suitable instrument for other purposes, such as regulating economic activity, funding scientific research, or engaging in social engineering.

How Pixar Uses Hyper-Colors to Hack Your Brain

How Pixar Uses Hyper-Colors to Hack Your Brain: In a way, every filmmaker is really just playing with moving light and color on surfaces. That's the whole ball game, a filmic given. But Pixar takes it further, or perhaps just does it more self-consciously and systematically. Its emotionally weighty, computer-generated animated films deploy precisely calibrated color and light to convey narrative and emotion—from the near-total absence of green in WALL-E (until postapocalyptic robots find the last plant on Earth) to the luminous orange marigolds that symbolize Miguel's trip to the magical Land of the Dead in Coco through the contrast between the cool blue luminosity of the afterlife with the warm, snuggly sepia of New York City in last year's Soul. 

In fact, almost every Pixar movie works within a specific color palette, a story-specific gamut that filmmakers like Feinberg pull from and use to plan the look of each scene, a road map known as the color script. 


INE suspende envio de dados para os EUA, por ordem da CNPD


03 maio 2021

Tech Alone Isn't Enough to Create a Successful Smart City

Tech Alone Isn't Enough to Create a Successful Smart City : city officials rarely pointed to technological challenges as being their biggest hurdle. Instead, they repeatedly described struggling to navigate tensions between the companies that develop and sell the technology, city residents who interact with it, and government officials that procure, deploy and manage the technology.

More than 2,000 electronic ears will record the soundscape of California’s Sierra Nevada mountain

This summer, for example, more than 2,000 electronic ears will record the soundscape of California’s Sierra Nevada mountain range, generating nearly a million hours of audio. To avoid spending multiple human lifetimes decoding it, researchers are relying on artificial intelligence. 


How misinformation is used to amplify and solidify ideology

How misinformation is used to amplify and solidify ideology

  • Amna Nawaz:

    And one of the places we saw some of those claims being amplified was, of course, on FOX News.

    There's a clip I want to play from you from host Tucker Carlson, because there's this other piece we have seen, in the explosion of misinformation online, is the sort of brandishing of information as cultural warfare. We're talking during a pandemic. Masking has become a political issue.

    Last night, on FOX News, host Tucker Carlson weighed in on mask-wearing in public, and he said this:

  • Tucker Carlson:

    Your response when you see children wearing masks as they play should be no different from your response to seeing someone beat a kid in Walmart. Call the police immediately. Contact child protective services. Keep calling until someone arrives.

    What you're looking at is abuse. It's child abuse.

  • Amna Nawaz:

    Graham, someone like Tucker Carlson, with an audience of his size, making a statement like that, likening it to child abuse, what's the impact of a statement like that?

  • Graham Brookie:

    Well, Tucker Carlson has a nightly viewership of millions of people.

    And so, first and foremost, that statement is false.

    Second, we're in the middle of a public health crisis, in which the information that we need to make decisions about our own personal health is evolving. And so, today, the CDC guidelines on masks evolved.


James Turrell's Roden Crater

An Exclusive Look at James Turrell's Roden Crater: In the Arizona desert, James Turrell is creating one of the most ambitious artworks in American history. Here’s an exclusive look

Exits to the outside

Gender inequalities in film and television

Gender inequalities not only exist in the real world, but also in film and television. A study published by the Geena Davis Institute on female characters in popular films from around the world illustrates how gender stereotypes are reinforced by movie characterizations. 


EIT will have funding of €2.96 billion over the next seven years

“After six months of collective work, we can state we are going to improve research and innovation in Europe,” said the Parliament’s rapporteur for EIT, Maria da Graça Carvalho. “The EIT will be more dynamic, simplified, open and transparent.” The European Commission first published its proposal for EIT’s reform and strategy for the next seven years in 2018, with the Parliament and the Council, reaching the final agreement on the details in January. Today’s vote, confirms EIT will have funding of €2.96 billion over the next seven years. 


02 maio 2021


Individuals and domain owners can now learn if Emotet impacted their accounts by searching the database with email addresses stolen by the malware. 


Susan Kare



Unhappy Macintosh on Blue Icon Print

Web semântica


01 maio 2021

Imprensa como indicador: A representação dos temas económicos nos media portugueses (2016)

Imprensa como indicador: A representação dos temas económicos nos media portugueses: A  análise  realizada  aos  dados  dos  media  obtidos  e  codificados  no  período  de  vinte meses  permite-nos  salientar  três  categorias  dominantes  sobre  as  quais  incidem  a  maior parte das notícias económicas representadas nos media em Portugal: Políticas Públicas, Macroeconomia  e  Setores  e  Negócios.  Surgiram  outras  categorias  entre  as  semanas observadas  como  a  corrupção,  negócios  estrangeiros,  fisco  ou  regulação,  mas  sempre com  muito  menor  presença.  As  três  categorias  principais  surgem  constantemente  ao longo de todos os meses observados.

Entre  todas  as  amostras  obtidas,  dentro  de  todas  as  categorias  analisadas  a  economia financeira  surge  com  muito  maior  frequência  que  a  economia  real,  porque  o  setor bancário   é   o   que   tem   maior   representatividade   com   uma   grande   diferença   em quantidade  de  presenças  em  relação  aos  restantes  dez  setores  de  atividade  económica representados no top. Durante os vinte meses têm 67 presenças, os restantes dez setores somam  40  presenças,  o  que  significa  que  os  bancos  representam  63%  das  notícias económicas que abordam setores específicos.

A  entidade  que  mais  se  destacou  durante  os  vinte  meses  foi  o  governo  português,  as políticas fiscais, orçamentais e económicas praticadas surgem regularmenteno discurso dos  media,  o  facto  de  estes  vinte  meses  englobarem  uma  mudança  de  governo  e  de políticas orçamentais contribuiu muito para a presença constante do governo português no top 10 semanal. O OE para 2016 e o fator novidade deste governo, por ser suportado por forças políticas menos habituais, levou a um aumento do comentário económico nos media nacionais. A  segunda  entidade  com  maior  número  de  presenças  no  top  foi  o governo  grego,  porque  a  sua  eleição  poderia  causar  alterações  económicas  em  toda  a ZE.  O  BES  surge  como  a  terceira  entidade  com  mais  presenças  no  top,  entre  as  dez entidades com maior presença estiveram cinco bancos.O  discurso  económico  dos  media  é  predominantemente  negativo,  durante  todo  o período  analisado  existiu  apenas  uma  semana  composta  exclusivamente  por  notícias com  linguagem  positiva  e  existiu  também  uma  única  semana  em  que  uma  notícia  com tendência positiva representou mais de 50% do top. As notícias positivas tendem a não ter tanto destaque no discurso mediático. (...)

Os  temas  económicos  internacionais  são  maioritariamente  europeus,  só  estiveram presentes  notícias  económicas  não  nacionais  no  top  durante  6  semanas  entre  as  87 analisadas,  todas  as  notícias  de  alcance  internacional  não  europeu  incidiram  sobre escândalos (Panamá Papers, Lava Jato) e crises (petróleo).