04 agosto 2003

Os incêndios são a triste normalidade do Verão nacional. As declarações políticas - sem intenção concreta - de que para o ano será melhor, são uma repetida banalidade, como a crónica anual sobre a Quinta do Lago no Expresso.
Nos blogs, o Causa Nossa faltou à data e não deu sinais de vida.
Entrou-se num estado de suspensão de factos e argumentos. Eu acompanho: volto em Setembro, se me apetecer.

01 agosto 2003

Plastic Balls Game
Dear Mr Berlusconi...: The Economist publishes, as an open letter to Mr Berlusconi, a dossier of evidence and questions we believe he must answer...
It is a matter of a rich businessman using his political power to foster his businesses, both by defeating judicial investigations against him and by enacting new laws and regulations in his own interest. The Economist is thus concerned about Mr Berlusconi both as an outrage against the Italian people and their judicial system, and as Europe's most extreme case of the abuse by a capitalist of the democracy within which he lives and operates. Far from being, as he claims, the man who is creating a new Italy, he is a prime representative, and perpetuator, of the worst of old Italy. Ironic, really.
[act.: Fininvest Accuses the Economist of Campaign to Discredit: Fininvest, in a statement, replies to the accusations published by the latest edition of The Economist against Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi]

The Walk-thru Fog Screen, via Wired
Search for web's favourite colour: The identity of the internet's favourite colour may soon be revealed, thanks to a project by a British web designer.