24 setembro 2004


Plagiarism in paleontology: For the past 20 years, a Saudi Arabian researcher has been publishing papers on various topics related to fossil algae using the same plagiarized pictures over and over again, an article in the current issue of Revista Espanola de Micropaleontologia claims.
Webzine accuses columnist of plagiarism: DITonline editor Reesha Chibba accused reporter Keeran Sewsunker of copying text directly from several local newspapers, press releases and news websites, including US-based Entrepreneur.com.
Ms Chibba lists examples of passages from other publications that had appeared under Mr Sewsunker's byline in the Daily News, including a story about jazz musician Sipho Gumede which, she claims, was mostly copied from music site Sheer.co.za.
The pressure of deadlines and the quantity of content available online make plagiarism even more tempting, said Ms Chibba.

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