22 setembro 2004


What Blogs Have Wrought: How the guys sitting at their computers in pajamas humiliated the suits at CBS News
Blogs look burly after kicking sand on CBS: Bloggers enjoy a moment of glory after pooling their expertise to uncover the truth about the forged memos on Bush's service record.
Blogging the Story Alive: But when the CBS apologist was asked about the role bloggers played in propelling the story to national scandal, he dismissed them as little more than journalist-wannabes, sitting in their underwear in front of their PCs, typing whatever thoughts/opinions/rants they had between trips to the refrigerator.
My first thought was if bloggers had no credibility then why was this guy on my television, defending CBS?
(Bloglines aims for simplicity: Bloglines builds on the trend of Internet users' desire to subscribe to news and other online content in a way that lets them see it all on a single Web page when they wake up in the morning -- or at any other time of day.)

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