30 novembro 2004


We Have Met the Enemy, and They Will Be Us: And so "media" in general, and journalism in particular, is no longer restricted to a small guild of paid professionals. Everyone who wants to be is now In -- some are simply more In than others.
But another consequence which blogs have brought is that the media hierarchy is now far more dynamic. While it would be Pollyanesque to pretend that the blogosphere represents a perfect meritocracy where the highest quality work always receives the most visibility, the fact is that in general, the weblog community does a remarkably good job of filtering the best writing, and the best writers, to the top of the heap -- and can do so with astounding speed. [...]
The day is not far off when a significant portion -- and soon enough, a majority -- of traditional media journalists will be either bloggers or former bloggers.
Orihuela: "Weblogs não são jornalismo pelo facto de serem weblogs": [Jose Luis Orihuela, o] animado[r] do weblog eCuaderno considera que os weblogs não são um género, mas um novo meio. Salienta ainda que os blogs não são jornalismo pelo facto de serem weblogs, o que não quer dizer que não possa haver jornalismo nos weblogs. Finalmente, Orihuela entende que os weblogs não vão substituir os media tadicionais ou os jornalistas: são, antes, um complemento e um desafio que irá obrigar esses media a mudar.

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