22 setembro 2005


European newspaper, magazine editors to brainstorm with commissioner Reding digital challenges to print: Newspapers are read by over 180m people across Europe. But their advertising revenue is falling, their core readership is aged over 45, and younger readers appear to prefer other media. Furthermore, digital technologies are fast changing the ways in which content is distributed and consumed. What role should the EU have in all this?

Brussels calls for media code to avoid aiding terrorists: Europe's media should draw up a code of conduct to ensure that newspapers, television stations and the internet do not act as propagandists for terrorists, the European commission will say today.
In a move which is likely to provoke a debate on state controls of the media, the commission warns that journalists pose "specific risks" in the fight against "violent radicalisation". The paper - Violent Radicalisation and Terrorism Recruitment [o título correcto é "Terrorist Recruitment: addressing the factors contributing to violent radicalisation"] - warns that the media are taking an over-simplified view of the world, which plays into terrorist hands.

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