01 setembro 2012

Questões para jornalistas

What is a publisher anymore, anyway? A blog is a magazine. A magazine a blog. A newspaper a WordPress install. A Twitter account a journalist.

The physical and experiential boundaries that defined mediums have dissolved, continue to dissolve. Differences in types of content are now largely semantic.

There was a time when “blog” was a word derided by journalists. There was a time when nytimes.com would not host a blog. Would not dare put bloggers beneath their banner. Not place them within their shrine. The Atlantic, too. Others, also. Now, many of their sections look like blogs. Feel like blogs. Are run atop blog software.

It’s not that blogs were bad and newspapers confused. It was that blogs were fast, are fast—really fast. Even faster than newspapers, which were the fastest printed thing. Blogs have gotten better at thinking slow while publishing fast. Newspapers have figured out how to tame and shape the wild essence of a blog.

And so what about Facebook pages? A Facebook page is a blog, which is a part of a newspaper, a piece of a magazine. You can post long articles, short articles, and image galleries. You can edit posts. You can remove posts. There are authors, a chronology. No, you don’t have much control over the look and feel, but is that strictly necessary in the beginning?
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