26 fevereiro 2013

Jornalismo hoje

Journalists Have No Obligation To Cover A Story About You The Way You Want Them To Cover It: judge made it pretty damn clear that journalists have absolutely no legal requirement to reach out to the people they are writing about. The story is a fairly crazy one.

British Politician Tells Local Paper It Can't Quote Him Because He Dislikes Its Readers' Comments: Christopher Hawtree is a very unusual politician because he dislikes being quoted. The Green councillor, who has just been selected to fight for a parliamentary seat, has told a reporter for his local paper, the Brighton Argus, to stop approaching him after meetings.

So, a local politician who deals with local issues would rather not answer questions from the local paper. One of the correspondents for the offending paper logically asked (via Twitter), "Isn't that his job?"

Why doesn't Hawtree want to talk to his district's paper of record? Hawtree tweeted in response: "I have a great dislike of the Argus readers' comments and so prefer to appear in other papers."

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