22 junho 2013

Ganhar eleições não é suficiente (ou coisas que Cavaco Silva não entende...)

Zombie democracy: A note to Turkey’s prime minister, among others: winning elections is not enough 

Majoritarianism — the credo of an expanding group of elected but autocratic rulers around the world, which holds that electoral might always makes you right—is not true democracy, even if, on the face of it, the two things look alike. It is worth explaining why. [...]

Beyond documents and institutions, the difference between crass majoritarianism and democracy resides in the heads of the mighty. Democrats have a bedrock understanding that the minority (or often majority) who did not vote for them are as much citizens of their country as those who did, and are entitled to a respectful hearing; and that a leader’s job is to deliberate and act in the national interests, not just those of his supporters. [...]

The basic idea of a democracy is that the voters should pick a government, which rules as it chooses until they see fit to chuck it out. But although voting is an important democratic right, it is not the only one. And winning an election does not entitle a leader to disregard all checks on his power.

Imagem daqui: Majoritarianism Is Not Compatible with Individual Rights

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