02 junho 2013

Para perceber como o encerramento de estações dos CTT tem uma lógica...

Scam Alert! Press Sleeps Through the Great Post Office Fire Sale: One doesn’t need an MBA to understand that selling a tax-exempt building one owns to lease space one doesn’t is not a good long-range business model —  unless one is the real estate broker that has scored an exclusive contract to sell the public’s property and advise on what to sell. That makes a very good business model indeed. [...]

The dismantling of the nation’s postal service and the sale of the public’s property is yet another facet of Grover Norquist’s famous pledge to so shrink the federal government that he can drown it. Norquist has also expressed his admiration for another Gilded Age when men such as Stephen Puter transferred the public domain into private fortunes. Senator Jennings Randolph once remarked that “When the post office is closed, the flag comes down. When the human side of government closes its doors, we’re all in trouble.”

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