11 setembro 2013

Eles andam aí: os anjos da morte nos media

O caso da McKinsey: "In 2009, McKinsey’s consultants were the angels of death in the media industry, the mere mention of the name an ominous sign that cutbacks were imminent."

Na voz de um “publisher of one of the company’s most successful magazines”: “How much they understood about our business, I cannot tell you,” the publisher says. “How the [expletive] can you coach a football team if you’ve never played football in your life? And I’m not even talking pro. I’m talking at any level. They don’t have a clue. I don’t care how many hours they spent firing people at Time Inc. or Meredith Corp. They had this stupid red/yellow/green system, which they explained to me like I was a five-year-old. I wanted to reach across the table, grab one of them and throw him across the room.”

Ou perguntar como adaptam eles aos media as "five digital-enterprise trends: big data and advanced analytics, digital engagement of customers, digital engagement of employees and external partners, automation, and digital innovation"?

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