09 abril 2014

Da liberdade de opinião, expressão e pensamento na actual Renascença

Já o disse, adulterando a frase original: É verdade, eu concordo ligeiramente com a Raquel Abecasis: É verdade: concordo, por muito que isso revolte os “nouvelle” lápis azul [da Rádio Renascença], que, aliás, pouco mais devem fazer do que andar a perscrutar quem ousa pensar diferente deles para imediatamente lhes aplicar o castigo correspondente: crucificá-los na ["rádio"] e reduzir a cinzas o trabalho desses rebeldes anti-pensamento único.

Já o disse mas reforço, com citações de um texto que caiu a propósito nestes pensamentos, "The Culture of Shut Up - Too many debates about important issues degenerate into manufactured and misplaced outrage—and it's chilling free speech": 

- those gatekeepers suck. They’re arrogant and easily swayed by big, nice-sounding dangerous ideas; they’re ambitious and careerist and forgetful and unimaginative and shortsighted; they’re subject to groupthink, beholden to corporate interests, and enamored of fame and power.

- We need to learn to live with the noise and tolerate the noise even when the noise is stupid, even when the noise is offensive, even when the noise is at times dangerous. Because no matter how noble the intent, it’s a demand for conformity that encourages people on all sides of a debate to police each other instead of argue and convince each other. And, ultimately, the cycle of attack and apology, of disagreement and boycott, will leave us with fewer and fewer people talking more and more about less and less.

- The right to free speech may begin and end with the First Amendment, but there is a vast middle where our freedom of speech is protected by us—by our capacity to listen and accept that people disagree, often strongly, that there are fools, some of them columnists and elected officials and, yes, even reality-show patriarchs, that there are people who believe stupid, irrational, hateful things about other people and it’s okay to let those words in our ears sometimes without rolling out the guillotines.

- The bottom line is, you don’t beat an idea by beating a person. You beat an idea by beating an idea. 

 Mas, obviamente:


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