02 dezembro 2016

11 coisas que já podia ter lido hoje

 Mesmerizing Patterns Constructed Within Surreal Landscapes, by Polish photographer Dariusz Klimczak

Finally! Word is getting out. It’s not just Uber’s “innovation” claims which are questionable, it’s potentially the entire business model.

The Legal Industry for Kidnapping Teens: David wasn't being kidnapped in the traditional sense. What happened to him was arranged by his parents, and was completely legal.

After 52 Years, the War Between Colombia and the FARC Will End: Four out of five of the decades-long conflict's dead were civilians

THE TOXIC HISTORY TRUMP SHARES WITH ALL OF US: One advantage of being the putative leader of a great nation is that people pay attention, even when you’re spouting nonsense (nomeadamente sobre os seus conflitos de interesse).

Qual a visão de Trump sobre os dronesPrivatizing air traffic control will have implications for the future of U.S. drone regulations, much of which hinges on efforts to create a national drone air traffic control system capable of real-time reporting, tracking and managing of flights.

E porque não mais um subsidiozinho para os media, quando, segundo Trump, "There Are No Such Things As Facts"? Facebook Should Consider Subsidizing and Promoting Local News: It’s one way the social network could make up for the damage it’s done to journalism.

Should you trust that news story you’re reading? Here’s how to check. A começar por esta: Breitbart declares war on Kellogg's after cereal brand pulls advertising from site: The right-wing news organization is calling for a boycott on Kellogg’s products after company says Breitbart is not ‘aligned with our values’

Em alternativa, "A man with an antenna implanted in his head tells us what it’s like to be a cyborg"...

The Fluid Dynamics of “The Starry Night”: How Vincent Van Gogh’s Masterpiece Explains the Scientific Mysteries of Movement and Light

Using Ecstasy to treat post-traumatic stress disorder: ‘I felt like my soul snapped back into place’ (& How does this happen? Why does Humira cost so much more here than it does in other countries?)

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