10 janeiro 2003

Google replies to SearchKing lawsuit: The lawsuit alleged that changes made by Google to its algorithms reduced the PageRank ratings Google assigned to pages within the "SearchKing Network" and that this reduction was an illegal interference with SearchKing's business. In addition to asking for damages, SearchKing filed a motion with its complaint asking for a preliminary injunction to force Google to restore its PageRanks.
Well, Google has replied, and we have the juicy details right here. First, Google has a response to the complaint (the Response), in which it claims it has done nothing wrong and asks the court not to grant an injunction. And second, Google has gone one step further and filed its own motion to dismiss the lawsuit (the Motion to Dismiss). Google thinks, or at the very least is asserting, that it has a slam-dunk iron-clad defense to SearchKing's claims.

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