15 junho 2004


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Los weblogs más insólitos de la Red
This Old Blog: Your blog is your home on the web and it may be due for a restoration.
Study Shows Blog Readers Defy Stereotypes: Blog readers are just a bunch of kids with too many opinions, too little money, and too much time on their hands. Think again. According to a survey of blog readers conducted by Weblog ad network Blogads, they're older and wealthier than what's portrayed by their stereotype. What's more: many buy and donate online, spend on books and magazines, and have clicked on a blog ad.
In what may be the first survey of blog readers as an emerging demographic, Blogads asked 17,159 blog site visitors about their age, income, media consumption, online spending habits, and political affiliations during a two-day period in May. It turns out that 61 percent of blog readers who participated in the survey are over 30 years of age. Almost 30 percent are between the ages of 31 and 40, while over 37 percent span the ages of 41-60. And nearly 40 percent have a household income of $90K and above.