13 março 2005


Who Is a Journalist? Anybody who wants to be
Even before the advent of blogging, the issue of who qualified as a journalist was a tricky one.

Blogs Not Yet in the Media Big Leagues: Three-quarters of the U.S. public uses the Internet at work, school, or home, but only one in four Americans are either very familiar or somewhat familiar with blogs [...]
Even among Internet users, only 32% are very or somewhat familiar with blogs.

Need Some New Luster? Try Rosie O'Donnell's Method: Create It by the Blogful: Ms. O'Donnell ended up with a measure of privacy, but she began to drive her friends crazy with all of her opinions.
"One of them finally said that I should start a blog," Ms. O'Donnell said in a telephone interview from her home in upstate New York. "I have had offers to do books, but what I do is too rough and raw for them. They always want it to be more linear than I think. This way I can just put it out there."

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