16 março 2005


Who's Investing for the Future? Plenty of Us: I share the concern that news organizations are cutting their investments. An informed citizenry is crucial to the functioning of the republic and of society as a whole.
I don't see much hope that commercial journalism organizations will invest more. They are conservative to a fault when it comes to adapting to change. (I hope I am wrong on this, and suspect I'm not.)
But there is a great movement beginning to form. [...]
In a world of dwindling resources, a world of falling daily newspaper readership and fragmented television news audiences, who will produce the journalism of scale and importance that informs citizens about national political campaigns and international conflict? Bloggers? Citizen journalists? The software developers who produce RSS readers?
The answers that emerge over this decade to those questions are certain to impact the future not just of Internet news but of journalism itself.

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