11 outubro 2005


E não estão preocupados?
Average age of newspaper readers: 55: Newspaper profits and the stock prices of the companies that own them were also down during the first half of 2005. The biggest newspapers are cutting staffs, closing foreign bureaus and taking other steps to meet their owners' profit goals.
Most of these dire trends are nothing new. Deep thinkers have prophesied for years that newspapers are on a glide path to irrelevance or extinction.
Since the advent of the Internet, a common version of the doom forecasts has the ink-on-paper news being supplanted by something not-quite-yet-describable on the Web. [...]
In fact, the long, slow decline of newspaper readership has coincided with a long, steady climb in their profitability. [...]
One reason for the shrinking newspaper audience is competition from such media as TV, radio and the Internet.