11 novembro 2005


Lá como cá:
All the news that's fit to blog: Some of the most respected print journalists around still treat blogs as if they were lab specimens.

How's the blog? I've been writing about technology and its players for more than 20 years in columns and stories. A blog seems like a natural extension and complement to what I write for print. Which is why I'm doing this.
But the real appeal -- shh! don't tell my editors! -- is that a blog frees me from the space constraints and technological limits of a print product. I'll be able to do things here I could never do in a newspaper -- like serve up a song or two.

Internet holds only future for newspapers: Within "six to seven years", the group [Guardian Newspapers, whose Guardian Unlimited site is by far the most popular British newspaper online site] planned to dedicate 80 percent of its time to digital activities, compared to 20 percent at present

Intertaining Yourself
: "Social media is a whole new world," he says. "Yahoo's future is giving people the tools to generate their own content." [...]
the Internet's unique strength lies in letting users personalize their news, communication and entertainment online, in Web logs and instant messages, file sharing, search queries and personal software. Ideally, the content knows where you are and what you want, offering up, say, a midday joke on your pager or a pal's new picture on your phone. Then you use the Web to create and share your own content--more pictures, another playlist of songs messaged to your posse, feeds to your news page from an obscure blog