14 dezembro 2005


A veloz sociedade da informação: E.U. Parliament votes to force "data retention" on telecom, Net firms
This is in short what we will get now:
- retention of telephone and internet connection data (including email addresses) and location data for mobile phone calls
- no harmonisation of the retention period (6 to 24 months but longer is allowed: Poland wants 15 years)
- no harmonisation of cost reimbursement for the needed investments on the providers' side
- no limitation to certain types of crimes for which access is allowed
- retention of unsuccessful call attempts
- no independent evaluation
- no extra privacy safeguards
- follow-up committee without representation from civil rights organisations [...]

the UK council presidency had pushed so hard after the London bombings that this directive will enter the EU history as the one which took the shortest time ever from the first Commission draft to the final vote (less than three months - normally they need years). [...]
More information, including recordings of the EP debate, is available at http://wiki.dataretentionisnosolution.com.