01 fevereiro 2006


Dois avisos à navegação:
1) Google Growth to Come From Traditional Media: Google laid out ambitious plans to create a unified advertising platform that could sell and deliver ads to print, radio, television and streaming media, including podcasts and Google Video. [...]
Google CEO Eric Schmidt promised analysts that the company's extension into traditional media would fuel tremendous revenue growth in the future.
Advertisers would like to get the same kind of accountability and tracking that search advertising provides in other media, said Google cofounder Sergey Brin, The technology that came with the recent acquisition of dMarc Broadcasting could do it.

2) Polk Calls Traditional Media 'Nearly Obsolete' Among New Auto Buyers: DESCRIBING TRADITIONAL MASS MEDIA AS "nearly obsolete" among first-time car buyers, a well regarded auto industry researcher Tuesday released findings of a new study showing the Internet now is the dominant medium among new car buyers. The study, by the Polk Center for Automotive Studies, shows that TV has fallen to 8.2 percent, magazines to 4.4 percent, newspapers to 3.6 percent and radio to 1.1 percent of consumers who deem them the "most important informational tool" in their first-time car purchase. "The Internet's relevance in the 18- to 30-year age group has reached critical mass and is completely reconfiguring how car companies need to reach out to first-time buyers," said Lonnie Miller, managing director at Polk, who said that shift is reflected in more aggressive Internet marketing efforts by both manufacturers and local auto dealers.

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