10 fevereiro 2006


Media and technology 'won't merge': "These industries are interdependent but very separate. It's very tough for technology companies to become media companies, even though they aspire to become so. And media companies are not about technology," said [Michael Wolf, the president and chief operating office of MTV Networks]

Is Slashdot the future of media?
The most popular site for the tech cognoscenti is created entirely by its users and readers.

World's 'biggest blogger' gets sporty: Markos Moulitsas Zúniga, arguably the world's most successful blogger, is excited.
Not only has his politics super-blog, Daily Kos, just recorded its first million-hit day, cementing its position as the most popular site of its kind, but he is also convinced he has nailed the Next Big Thing.
"What I found is that blogs work really well in hyper-partisan environments," he tells Times Online. "There are three areas of life that are hyper-partisan: there's politics, obviously, religion, and then there's sports."
So runs the sales pitch for SB Nation, Mr Zúniga's planned network of 200 sports blogs. If the business plans come to fruition ? and Mr Zúniga succeeds in raising the $1 million in angel funding he requires ? by 2007, it will cover every team in every major league in the US.

Já agora, um "aviso" do presidente do French Council of the Muslim Faith: European Papers Benefit in Cartoon Uproar: If there's a lesson, it's an old one: Controversy sells. [...]
"Here's some advice to those newspapers today facing ruin, bankruptcy or collapse: All you need do is insult Muslims and Islam, and sales will get hot as blazes"

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