14 março 2006


craigblog: newspaper/magazine/tv convergence already happening? ... as print media get online and includes video and breaking news, and the tv guys start to deliver print on their sites, how different are they?
Newspapers were maybe daily or weekly, magazines have much longer time frames, but does that matter any more? For that matter, as time proceeds, what distinguishes papers or magazines, maybe just the length of time to develop stories.

Traditional media aren't at death's door
: "The audience is moving online, and there is now pretty clear evidence that when a reader begins to go to a newspaper's website (the reader) spends less time with the newspaper in print."

E o problema de jornalistas que falam com bloggers e estes publicam a história do jornalista: Blog Wars: What McAdams did was to scoop Barbaro on his story about how Wal-Mart was sending tips and information to sympathetic bloggers as a way of getting its message out. Barbaro, who maintains he was not irate, says he was "disappointed" that McAdams and other bloggers would "post what it is I was reporting on" after he sent them e-mails seeking comment -- with a request that the e-mails not be publicized. The online chatter enabled the Wall Street Journal to publish a short piece the same day as the Times.

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