19 setembro 2007

Tasers contra perguntas incómodas?

(large version, mais elucidativo do que ocorreu nos momentos anteriores)
Student arrested, Tasered at Kerry event
Cops on leave after Taser incident, student's behavior under scrutiny
Taking Sides in a Tasing: Moreover, one of the widely circulated videos of the incident was filmed with his own camera. As he pushed his way toward the microphone to put his questions to Senator Kerry, he handed his camera to Clarissa Jessup, a student he didn’t know, and asked her to record him.
Friend: Media coverage disappoints Meyer: Jon Levy, who has known Andrew Meyer since grade school, said Meyer wishes there were more focus on the questions he was lobbing at U.S. Sen. John Kerry before Meyer was arrested and Tasered by UF police.
"To be honest, he's not happy with the focus on the police brutality and that aspect of it," said Levy, 21. "His purpose of going to the meeting was to ask difficult questions and get answers and get other people to ask questions."