22 agosto 2008

Sobre os embargos nos blogues

Embargo Breakers: Who Exactly Do You Write For? It seems that recently the problem with embargoes and breaking them has grown acute again. I for one have seen at least 3 embargoes broken this week only and I can imagine there are others where I am simply unaware of the embargo time. [...]

As a summary, this is what happens when an embargo is broken: everyone is damaged to a certain extent while the blogger enjoys the attention, the links and Techmeme position (or whatever) as well. I know that bloggers are not supposed to worry about their competition or even the companies/services/applications they cover. But are they also not supposed to care about their readers? Is the status of the first one in the know more valuable than what you actually deliver to those for whom you are supposed to write? I think every blogger who intentionally breaks embargoes from time to time should ask himself (or herself) this particular question and if you actually care about traffic and ad revenue only, go ahead and keep breaking it.

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