09 julho 2009

Da mais recente edição do Observatorio (OBS*)

France, Italy, Portugal and Spain: four differentiated models from euromediterranean press: the creation of models differentiated of press the Second World war in France and Italy and the Dictatorships, and later Transitions to the democracy, in Spain and Portugal.

Blogging the 2003 Iraq War: Challenging the Ideological Model of War and Mainstream Journalism?: the role of the internet in 2003 Iraq war from the perspective of the challenges it poses to the practices and formats of mainstream journalism and to the hegemonic articulations of war.

What is Public Service on the Internet? Digital Challenges for Media Policy in Europe: The core challenge facing public service broadcasting today is the transition to public service media.

Why Some Wikis are More Credible than Others: Structural Attributes of Collaborative Websites as Credibility Cues: Recent technological advancements have helped giving rise to a variety of websites offering user-generated content through collaborative efforts. This study used focus groups to identify what features might influence credibility assessment of such websites. The findings revealed that editing features, discussion board and edit history were the collaborative features affecting credibility judgment of collaborative websites.

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