11 julho 2015

Sacos de plástico pagos aumentam vendas nos supermercados

Jorge Moreira da Silva: "os consumidores portugueses estão a dar uma lição a muita gente preconceituosa"

Study: Using reusable totes at the market leads to buying more junk food: Bringing a bag to the supermarket increases purchases of both organic and indulgent (re: junk) foods. One possible explanation for the trend is that bringing a bag “primes” shoppers to buy organic foods because the bag makes them feel virtuous. Then they reward themselves with something indulgent, called “licensing.” But unlike the organic purchases, which are made as a swap for the conventional version, the indulgences are made as additional purchases.

Estudo: BYOB: How Bringing Your Own Shopping Bags Leads to Treating Yourself and the Environment