16 fevereiro 2021

Commission and parliament in secret talks on EU copyright directive

High-ranking representatives of the European Commission’s DG Connect will brief EU lawmakers as part of an ‘in camera’ meeting on Friday (12 February), after a contingent of parliament members wrote to the EU executive to voice their concerns on guidance issued for the EU’s copyright directive. ... The EU executive then issued draft guidance as a result of the consultations last year, but there has been criticism that the guidance does not offer the clarity required for rightsholders. The guidance came in for a backlash from some member states, including Croatia, Denmark, France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, and Spain, who penned a non-paper highlighting their worries that the guidance would not achieve the objectives originally set out by the Commission in supporting Europe’s rightsholders. ... Full transposition of the copyright directive into national legislation is required from member states by June 2021.