11 maio 2021

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Pantone and Highland Spring Release a Helpful Pee Chart Because Y’all Need to Hydrate

Data: Axios research; Table: Andrew Witherspoon/Axios

Index of US Mainstream Media Ownership: to provide radical transparency and a better grasp of the U.S. Mainstream Media by listing publishers (owners, majority voting shareholders, and donors of titles) considered major US daily news sources. We have time-stamped this index – May 11, 2021.

Only very expensive movies fail occasionallyextremely expensive ones don’t. Why Content is King
How media creates power

What America thinks

Is gaming the next social media? Disillusionment with social media has people seeking new ways of digital engagement, Fajt explained. “At the end of the day, social media is not super social—it’s you in isolation, scrolling through a feed. And I think it creates this need for people to have real-time social connection.”

These new social gaming platforms are changing that, evolving gaming into a community-first social space. “Gaming is the future of social,” said Daniel Li, partner at venture capital firm Madrona Venture. And, he explained, for gen Z, “gaming is replacing not just old games, but it’s replacing TV and Netflix. So instead of going to watch music videos on YouTube, you’re going to a concert in Roblox and that’s a social experience with your friend…instead of going to the mall, now you’re in Roblox. It’s where kids are hanging out and it’s where culture is created.”

‘A wonderful escape’: the rise of gaming parents – and grandparents: Video game popularity soared during the pandemic, as people sought distraction and ways to connect with loved ones

Portugal averso ao risco: In 95% of countries, the gender coefficient is nonzero and in the direction of greater risk aversion among women. Of these, 82% are statistically significant at least at the 10% level. This reveals the widespread prevalence of the gender difference in risk preference, in qualitative terms, across a wide range of cultures and on a representative basis. [I]n almost all countries, lower cognitive ability is associated with significantly greater risk aversion. The age profiles (…) imply that risk tolerance is decreasing with age for both OECD and non-OECD countries. This similarity in age profiles is interesting given the diversity of historical experiences across countries, for different age groups.

Hey guys!“: How [YouTube] creators greet their audiences

What will our descendants make of the glass screens and rare earth metals of our smartphones? How cities will fossilise

European Commission leaned on Pharma-lobby and Gates Foundation to define position on TRIPS waiver: Over more than one year of the COVID-19 pandemic, the European Commission has held meetings primarily with representatives of Big Pharma or the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and associated organizations like ‘Global Citizen’. The Commission has listened almost exclusively to this echo chamber which pushes protecting Big Pharma patent rights, despite the way they are exacerbating global vaccine apartheid. Since March 2020, Big Pharma lobbyists met Commissioners 44 times – pharma associations 117 times and Gates-related organisations 41 times – whereas critical NGOs like Medecins Sans Frontières (MSF), Global Health Advocates (GHA), generic medicines producers and others have been completely or mostly denied access.

The Growing Debate over the Suspension of Vaccine Patents: The U.S. no longer want to enforce patent protection for COVID-19 vaccines, but critics argue that this will do little to improve the lack of access in the developing world. Some are calling for much more ambitious solutions.

Magic Mushrooms: This Scammer Is Twisting Science In A Scheme To Save The World: Joseph Kelly’s solution to the climate crisis is simple, affordable, and doesn’t require radically changing your life. Take a special blend of fungi that’s packaged in a cute orb, dissolve it in water like a bath bomb, and spray it once on your lawn to boost its ability to suck carbon dioxide from the air.

A single orb “helps you easily capture one ton of CO2” in your lawn every year for at least a decade, Kelly said in a Kickstarter campaign for his company NetZero that launched in January. Lawns, he claimed, could capture 20% of US emissions — bigger than the carbon footprint of the entire agricultural sector.

If this sounds too good to be true, that’s because it is.

A screengrab of the Guardian Unlimited homepage in January 1999.
It was exhilarating’: how the Guardian went digital – and global. How did the Guardian survive 200 years? What we got wrong: the Guardian’s worst errors of judgment over 200 years

Stephen Fry Would Like to Remind You That You Have No Free Will: I would say that 98 percent of all philosophers would agree with me that essentially free will is a myth. It doesn’t exist. That ought to be shocking news on the front of every newspaper.

There’s No Such Thing as Free Will: But we’re better off believing in it anyway.

Facebook’s war on free will – How technology is making our minds redundant: In reality, Facebook is a tangle of rules and procedures for sorting information, rules devised by the corporation for the ultimate benefit of the corporation. Facebook is always surveilling users, always auditing them, using them as lab rats in its behavioural experiments. While it creates the impression that it offers choice, in truth Facebook paternalistically nudges users in the direction it deems best for them, which also happens to be the direction that gets them thoroughly addicted. It’s a phoniness that is most obvious in the compressed, historic career of Facebook’s mastermind.

It Began as an AI-Fueled Dungeon Game. It Got Much Darker: The game touted its use of the GPT-3 text generator. Then the algorithm started to generate disturbing stories, including sex scenes involving children.

Teletrabalho em 2008 e em 2021

Se somos os proprietários das nossas compras, somos livres para fazer o uso legal que quisermos”, julgam muitos mas isso não é verdade no mundo online. E começa a entranhar-se no físico: This Motorcycle Airbag Vest Will Stop Working If You Miss a Payment – Charging extra for safety features is nothing new, but actively disabling them for missed payments may be the future.

In the promotional video launching the product, product line manager Jayson Plummer called the vest “a whole new era of a platform where analog meets digital and results in a superior protection story.” Which is an interesting way of framing the fact that the vest includes an additional subscription-based payment option that will block the vest from inflating if the payments don’t go through.

Todas as bolas têm a mesma cor. Explicação.

Obscura No More: How photography rose from the margins of the art world to occupy its vital center

From the medium’s beginnings, starting in 1839, photographers sought to have their work recognized as art. Indeed, the modern history of photography has been written as a kind of pilgrim’s tale, a major plotline of which is a progressive discovery of the medium’s unique artistic nature following a series of unsatisfying imitative encounters with the arts of painting and drawing.

In the words of William Henry Fox Talbot, one of the two principal inventors of photography, the new medium was no less than a “new art,” yet he called his process “the art of Photogenic drawing,” not photography. The first newspaper report in Paris about the discovery made by the medium’s other credited inventor, Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre, begins by saying that “this discovery … will revolutionize the art of drawing.” The writer then refers to Daguerre’s images as “beautiful drawings,” in part because the eponymous term for them had yet to be coined.

Lights at sea

The Nice Place: A social platform where you get paid for being helpful
How it works
Step 1: Pay a monthly subscription fee of $5.
Step 2: The subscription fees of all users are pooled. For 10,000 users, the pool would be $50,000 per month.
Step 3: Your posts and comments are upvoted by other users.
Step 4: You are paid a share of the pool. The size of the share depends on the quality of your posts and comments according to other users. 100% of the pool will be redistributed.

The 2021 Perception Sensor Industry Map

Summary of the MLR Workshop ‘Emerging Technologies, Personality Laws and the Dead’: With predictions that the deceased on social media sites such as Facebook could outnumber the living in as little as 50 years, a huge amount of personal data and information is being amassed. However, there are scant steps to address this, with few social media sites addressing the matter of post-mortem privacy, combined with little awareness, particularly from members of the public, as to their wishes about future treatment of such data. This is further complicated by the emergence of new services that enable the creation of chatbots, holograms or deepfakes of a deceased’s individual, bringing issues of copyright, privacy, data protection and competing interests of the deceased, their families, friends and society to the forefront once more.

World’s Largest Photo of New York City

Genetic Mapping: DNA tests promise to tell people who they are and where they’re from. But for Emma Gilchrist, a search for answers only led to more questions.

An extra-uterine system to physiologically support the extreme premature lamb: We show that fetal lambs that are developmentally equivalent to the extreme premature human infant can be physiologically supported in this extra-uterine device for up to 4 weeks. Lambs on support maintain stable haemodynamics, have normal blood gas and oxygenation parameters and maintain patency of the fetal circulation. With appropriate nutritional support, lambs on the system demonstrate normal somatic growth, lung maturation and brain growth and myelination.

‘Parents can look at their foetus in real time’: are artificial wombs the future? Will out of body gestation ever replace the experience of human birth?

Genomic Prediction: Advanced embryo genetic testing. Choose your healthiest embryo.

Primeiro post de Trump no seu novo blogue

Why Trump’s new blog could lead to more social media takedowns: Trump’s message may still not find its way back to Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook says decision on whether Trump ban will be overturned coming Wednesday

And… as we wait for the Oversight Board ruling, it looks like Trump has done exactly that. He’s launched a new blog site that has short Tweet-style posts, and includes simple sharing buttons so people can post the text to both Twitter and Facebook (…) The existing terms of service on the site makes it clear that he wants to be able to moderate everything

How Does the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Invest Its Money?
Visual Capitalist

They Told Their Therapists Everything. Hackers Leaked It All: A mental health startup built its business on easy-to-use technology. Patients joined in droves. Then came a catastrophic data breach.

British Sensibilities, Japanese Locale

The company where colleagues decide your salary

80 anos após a estreia, porque é Citizen Kane um GRANDE filme?