22 janeiro 2009

Tealium: chá com Valium?

New Web Analytics Service Spies on Web Browsing Activity Without Permission: Tealium Social Media, a service of Tealium in San Diego, California, is a commercial analytics service that uses JavaScript tricks to inspect -- without the knowledge or permission of Web users -- specific URLs in their current browser histories.

The service attempts to provide a finer grain of usage information than is typically available through analytical techniques, by querying users' browsers for the presence of particular URLs. While this does not permit the reading out of complete browser URL histories, it does permit the service to ask the potentially highly privacy-invasive question: "Has this user been to a particular URL recently?"

Obviously, by sending a variety of such queries (all of which are essentially invisible to the user), a fascinating portrait of users' activities could be generated. Visited this CNN story? This government Web page? This porn image? This medical information page? Well, you get the idea.

Social Media Measurement is Here: We’re proud to announce the general availability of Tealium Social Media, a new measurement service for social media and online PR that’s tightly integrated into web analytics. The service is designed for marketing professionals who use social media and online PR as marketing vehicles to generate awareness and demand, and require side-by-side comparison with other marketing channels.

Tealium Social Media Overview
As more online marketers turn their attention to social media, there’s a growing demand to see the value associated with these efforts.

Do videos in YouTube result in traffic to the web site?

How much of the web site traffic was generated as a result of the online press coverage?

How many leads can be attributed to the Wall Street Journal article?

Are any online sales being generated as a result of the coverage by bloggers?

Mission impossible? Not anymore.